Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Bike Seat & Tail Lights

Greetings Readers

The night as started coming earlier and earlier and yes I had to go to the bike store and buy a couple of taillights. I can at least thank the biking gods that the lights were on sale.

I just did not want to spend the money that I had to in order to put some taillights on my bikes. I know what you are probably thinking. He has ten bikes and he still has to buy some taillights. Well yes. It is sort of that "one sock lost in the dryer". Somehow, between the time that I take off the taillight in Spring and the time now, Fall, the tail lights mysteriously disappear. Most of them are not the Cat eye brand so I could care less about losing them. But the Cat eye's that I do own I watch out for them carefully. Matter of fact the lights go right next to my Tour de France water bottles.

I digress. So I bought some tail lights and I will install them tonight when I get home. Wait! I never told you readers that about a month or two months ago I saw a seat, bike seat, that was in the bargain bin. Anyway, at that time it was about 60 dollars. The seat was apparently long forgotten on some high shelf and was found back then when they decided to clear and check inventory. So, the bike seat itself was about two years old and they want half price of the same brand of seat they were trying to compare to. I almost bit, but I did not. So, I browsed the bargain bin once more tonight and behold the same seat I saw one or two months ago was on sale for $ 25.00. Wait! The bargain bin said "make an offer, no reasonable offer refused."

I said would you take $ 20.00 for the seat? Guess what I got a brand new seat for $ 20.00 and the seat is Selle San Marco. My favorite brand of seat.

Woo Hoo.

A question readers. I was watching FOX news local in Denver and my ever so favorite Heidi (yes being sarcastic) was reporting the news on Arapahoe Basin and what new thing was installed this year. Anyway, the she was reading away and then she said something to the effect. Arapahoe Basin was sure not to upset the balance of the Ecosystem. Now, here is where I got a bit confused. She pronounced ecosystem like "Echo-system" and not like "EEcoe-system". Is this something like "potatoe" and "potato" and "tomatoe" and "tomato"? I just do not know. I thought about writing about this since I love "to call" on FOX's news I hear before work. I might have to pull out my trusty 6 inch dictionary.
Update 09/29/07: I found a picture of the tail lights that I bought this day.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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