Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Outside My Window

Greetings Readers

The mornings are most definitely colder. I have only ridden with long pants for two days out of the past two weeks. I am not ready to relinquish my bike shorts. I still want to show off my taunt thighs and heart shaped calves. Oh yes. What was that phrase I heard - If you got it, flaunt it. You women know this pretty well, I think. Believe me I notice what you flaunt if you have it. Unless I strain myself trying to figure out if you have it, but are not flaunting it. Yes, yes I know that is not right, but sometime I can not help myself.

Gosh. I am already getting sidetracked. I have started to wear my long sleeve running jersey underneath my bike jerseys. I have not seen the "hot breath" from the cold air yet, but give Colorado another two weeks or so and pretty soon I will see that little wisp of hot air coming from my mouth. My bike gloves are okay. I am going to have to get my autumn and winter bikes ready and put all other bikes away for storage since spring and summer are almost over. Yes readers I am that analytical about my bikes and yes I even have choices on what bikes, plural, that I can ride and when. I do not believe in the one bike for a purposes mentality.

Yet, I am a one-woman guy. Go figure out that conundrum.

I worked out at the CAC last night, but I did a quick hour and three-quarter workout. I couldn't stay long last night so I sort of rushed myself through the workout.

Cycling news - Floyd Landis and his "innocence" will be determined within the next week. I had heard that we could learn the fate of him on Thursday, but someone had stated that there are 10 days for the committee to make a decision. And should Floyd not like that decision then he can file to the CAS (I think). What? I think he is guilty. I have my reasons, but I am not going to relate them to you readers until the case is officially over. Unless, I mentioned them in the past since the incident happened.

Tiesto - You readers may know that this is the only really person that I listen to while riding. He has the 6th edition of the In Search of Sunrise - Ibiza (ISOS 6) is coming out in a few days or so. You bet that I am going to get this CD. Of course, I will have to eliminate more songs from my Pink Ipod to accommodate the ones I will have to load up. I never even dreamed that 4GB would not be enough storage for me.

And getting to the title of the post. In the past week I have noticed that the tree is starting to turn yellow on one side and slowly spreading to the entire tree. Also, a dead leaf fell, blew right in front of me while on my balcony. The Fall season has made its presence known and I/we have to say goodbye to the summer of 2007.

Prison Break - I guess it was okay, but I went into the show for this new season being very skeptical about where the show is going and what is going to happen. So, I saw what I wanted to see and made that the issue of pointing out this and that. There may have been some good things, but I would have to re-watch the episode. I mean, come on, the guy breaking out of prison. He has not ate but managed to kick out the metal screen, drop a few feet, and sort of run. But, then the camera pans to Michael and Bellick and they both have this "surprised" and "Oh my gosh" look on their faces like this was something unexpected. Pul-lease. Then Michael fighting that one guy. The "punches" he acted were not even real. We viewers saw a Michael throwing the punch, but then as the connected hit would happen the camera changes view and then the next scene shows the other acting like he got hit. It was too obvious for me to notice. I will stop, but that was only the tip of what I noticed. I do not want to ruin the experience for you viewers. I will try and change my view next week and give the show a chance once more.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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