Sunday, September 23, 2007

That's a Lot of Calories for a Meal

Greetings Readers

I was in a gambling mood yesterday, but in addition I wanted (Desired) some junk food - Especially a burger. Well, after I did some biking and a few stops I decided on Burger King. I have not been in for a while to eat. I was set on having the Double Whopper. But. I saw the combo menu and my eyes set upon the Triple Whopper Combo. Wow. My eyes lit up and not to mention I made my decision right there. Gambling and food may go in hand, but after reading this post you may think otherwise.

Holy fucking Shit! After almost, almost finishing the Triple Whopper, King size Fries and King size Dr Pepper (1 and a half cups worth) I was full. Yes, very full. I only left two bites from the burger I ordered. I am not sure how I biked home, but at least the way home was basically all downhill. Now, before writing this blog I did the research my Combo meal I had yesterday and the Triple Whopper has 1230 Calories alone. Granted, mine was probably less than that since I had no cheese. Only lettuce, mustard, pickles on my hamburger. Yes - my way! 1230 fucking calories (I think). Wait readers - The King size fries I consumed had 600 calories (not including a few dips in ketchup!) and the King size Dr Pepper was 380 Calories!

I just went to the website and I see that you can "build your meal" and see the calorie total of your meal. I just finished and I was able to include everything except Mustard, but the grand total of the meal I had yesterday afternoon... (drum roll) 1930 Calories! (total Fat 90, total protein 72, total carbs 217) I can not believe this total. This is nothing compare to the total amounts of bottles of Coca-Cola I was drinking each day before I joined the CAC.

Anyway, posted on my blog for today is a picture of that "bad boy". No. I do not watch my calories. But I was really curious on how many calories I had consumed yesterday. Well, I definitely learned something and it was not for the good.

So readers, I have "healthily"educated you on something that is probably not good for you. That is if you are trying to watch your calories, or anything you think could be detrimental to your own goals. Yeah, that's it.

Oh? What? Why of course, I did go running this morning 8.39 miles once more and I was five minutes faster. I was actually feeling pretty good this morning and not to mention I was looking forward to beating my time from last week. Time is getting very short and I need to see if I am physically ready for 24hrs of Boulder. Mentally I am, always am.

I just saw a new commercial for Southpark and whew wee! Cartman has Tourette's Syndrome. The new season begins October 3, 2007.

Lastly, The Autumnal Equinox happened today, this morning, on 09/23/07 at 3:51 AM MST). Today is only one of two days that both night and day are about the equal amount of time, Meaning 12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of nighttime. Yes readers, I need to put the headlight and taillights on my bike(s) and get ready. And now, only three more months until the shortest amount of daylight in a year.

ntil the next time readers

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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