Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Spring Morning Sun

Greetings Readers

Holy Shit! I can not believe that I got blinded this morning by the morning sun. Nope - I was not blinded by Science.

With the time change (Daylight Savings Time) the past week and me leaving a bit late this morning I experienced riding directly into the bright rising sun.

I was actually like Gizmo - "Bright light! Bright Light!"

I guess with the sun rising earlier in the morning each day and the sun shining more and more in the Northern Hemisphere as well I just can not remember the last time that I saw the sun in this position early in the morning. This picture shows the morning sunrise is now rising on one of the routes that I bike to work on. The sun is now shining directly in front of me as opposed to the far far right

I could not look straight ahead at all. I actually had to look down about 3 feet in front of me so I would not see sun spots on my retinas. What was even worse my Oakleys were dirty and have a few smudges and water spots on the lens. Urgh. Though I did stick to the sidewalks since I knew I fairly handicapped by the morning rays of the sun. I was riding slow and not looking ahead, which was called for on this particular morning. And yes I did readers, I made sure to look ahead every now and then to make sure that no one was coming towards me. I was all over the sidewalk - as it should be. Maniacal laughter.

I also wore my bike short only (no long bike pants) and I wore my Star Wars - A New Hope bike jersey to work today. I was actually alright. The initial start of the ride was a bit cold, but after getting the blood flowing in my thighs I was alright. I love it when I do not have to wear a jacket or the long bike pants. Just more clothes to put on and take off. Also, less weight that I have to haul around. I know I know - how much does my jacket weight? How much does my long bike pants weight? Nothing really, but I just want to wear, carry, be as light as possible for riding back and forth from work.

Then, the other picture is a better, close up picture of my Star Wars - Return of the Jedi bike jersey. I know that the other picture that I posted was a bit small and I also was wearing the bike jersey.

In closing, something was on the local FOX news this morning and I was unable to watch what the "problem" was specifically about. Apparently, it was about tipping and Starbucks. And you faithful readers know my stance on this particular topic and how I feel. Anyway, let me do some investigating and see what's "Rotten in Denmark." Once I find that out - let me decide if this is something that I need to touch upon once more.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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