Friday, March 07, 2008

The Dodge 3500 Incident

Greetings Readers

I had a Dodge 3500 hit me this morning. Or I could say that I had a run in with a Dodge 3500. Either way will work for me

As you faithful readers know I usually ride with my earphones in. Anyway, I could hear the Dodge's engine revving up at the stop sign, but I made no effort to stop. The Dodge's engine rev'd up and sure enough the truck's front grill hit me.

What's that readers? The background?

Well, long story short I did have the right of way. But, as always in my book - that means shit. And I deep down I had a feeling, but I did not listen to that feeling when I saw that truck across the street on Arapahoe.

As I crossed the busy street of Arapahoe Road this morning there was an opening and I made post haste and road my bike like the Roadrunner on crack.

On the opposite side of Arapahoe Road was the Dodge 3500, which at the time, I did not know what type nor model of the truck. The truck did appear while I was waiting for the traffic to clear so I could cross the street

As one blogger who writes about their "right" to be on the road - I legally have the right to go first. I do not disagree and I noticed this was a big truck. Not to mention that I could not see through the tinted front windows. And ditto for the driver of the truck they could not see my eyes because of my Oakley M Frame. Both of us were blind as two which way each of was going. I could not use a hand signals since I was riding very quickly across Arapahoe Road. The truck did not have its blinker on, which made it impossible to tell which way the truck was going.

I reached the other side of the street and then proceeded to go in front of the truck since that was the way I was going/turning.

It was one of those things situations where one side of the street was empty, but the other side was full of traffic. As most motorist would they pull out to the other side of the street since no traffic is coming the other way.

I can only assume, but the truck saw an opening coming in the traffic while I was turning from the no traffic side. I heard the engine of the Dodge truck over my music of Madonna's song "Hung Up" playing in my earphones. Then, I heard the sound that no biker/cyclists wants to hear - the engine revving up to get the vehicle moving.

The driver most likely did not bother looking down the other way once more, from which there was no traffic, to see if another vehicle was coming or where I went. Or the driver that assumed that I was going straight.

All this was happening in about 20 seconds, if that.

I saw and heard the Dodge move forward. I prepared. I did not stop. I did alter my course a bit, but I got ready for the hit that was going to happen. I felt the truck hit me on my upper right arm. In a span of a second or two seconds I can see the event in my mind.

I let my bike move to an angle of 45 degrees as opposed to being perpendicular to the truck. Then the truck literally was pushing me and my bike into Arapahoe Road. Then, I could hear the engine not revving anymore or if I was being grammatically correct - then I could not hear the engine of the Dodge revving. I could also see out from the corner of my eye that the truck did stop. Meanwhile, I was thinking how in the fuck did I manage to stay upright during this whole accident/incident.

When I was clear about three feet from the Dodge truck I looked back shouted "Motherfucker." No, not at the driver. Not at me. Just in general. I said "motherfucker" like in a "I'll be damn" way

No harm, no foul. I proceeded onto the sidewalk and continued onto my journey.

I never looked back twice at the scene of the accident. I could fucking care less what the driver was doing.

I have posted a picture of Dodge truck, but not the one that hit me. That Dodge 3500 was white And boy oh boy that front grill is large, from what I saw from the corners of my eye. Thank goodness there was no bumper on the front of the truck.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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