Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Choose Not To Say Hi...

Greetings Readers

I was browsing some blogs the other day and I happen to come across a post that is something I should address. I have, in the past, touched upon this subject, but after reading this particular post I am compelled to make an entire post of this particular subject. And the time is now. Let me begin…

When I am approaching another bike rider (or riders) from the opposite direction, passing a bike rider(s) or getting passed I do not say Hi, motion or do anything else to that rider (or riders). This is true about 99 percent of the time.

The only time that I do make exception is when I am riding in a sanction bike ride/tour. Matter of fact, I am the total opposite. I am like a fucking “Chatty Cathy.” I love to make small talk during a bike ride/tour.

The main reason why I talk is because I desire attention, but also I want other riders to remember me and perhaps they will talk/remember me when they rode a particular bike ride/tour and met me/ran into me. Now, I am not saying that I am that memorable, but I do most of the time leave an impression. Good or bad, I do not know.

But I digress from the topic at hand by going in the opposite direction.

I do not wave, nod, say hi, make small talk, acknowledge, encourage or talk down to any other rider. Well, 99% of the time. Yes. It’s true.

But it is not because I think my shit is better smelling than your shit. Granted, I do think like that every now and then, but overall I do not think like that.

When I am one of my bikes I am in my own world. I am not out to make new friends, acknowledge a fellow biker (cyclist), or be nice. Once I mount one of my bikes I am alone. My mentality is it is about the bike, the road and me. As one of Metallica’s song’s go – “Nothing Else Matters.”

This has been my thinking since the beginning of my biking career. Perhaps thinking is the wrong word to use. Perhaps my MO. In my view, I am not being rude, snooty, snobby, etc., I am just being me. Wait readers, I know I think that way, but really – this is not the way I think when passing/approaching another rider when I am just riding.

Well, I do have my moments when I am inspired to “ride down” a rider and then I get that feeling “I am better than you” attitude. Wait! I know, I know – I have no clue how long that rider has been biking, or miles, or if he/she is inexperience, a rest day, “joy ride”, etc, but never the less I feel oh so much better when I ride down a rider.

For me, again in my opinion, I do not want to say Hi, wave, nod or talk. I have no clue who you are. To be blunt, I could fucking care less who you are. I don’t fucking want to know. I am not fucking interested to know. Though my friends would say if you are a gorgeous blonde, then you have a chance of me acknowledging you.

Oh yes, I have had my fair share of gorgeous women bike riders/cyclists on my rides that have done the hand wave, “hi”, or nod, but I keep on pedaling without so much lifting a finger in acknowledgement. Though with my Oakley’s covering my eyes, I do admit my eyes sometimes fixate on a part(s) of a woman that catches my eye(s) in the seconds before we meet and pass. Sexist? Yes, but if I see something that catches my eye I will look.

I can not think of a reason why I should wave, say “hi” or nod. Yes, it is polite, but in my view it is not required. I am not going to see this person ever again, I am not going to “pay it forward”, nor do I consider not saying “hi”, nodding, waving as being better than you.

If any of you rider/bikers/cyclist are looking for a nod, a “hi”, a wave, or acknowledgement from every rider/biker/cyclist on the “beaten path of life” then you have standards which I would consider pretty high (unattainable). To think you need a nod, a “hi” or a wave from a person like me is so totally inconsiderate and assuming, not mention being rude yourself.

Again, I could care less who you are. When I am on one of my bikes I am in my world – away from the everyday world, which is about 80 percent of the people on Mother Earth share. I am aware of other bikers, acutely aware of, but would not talk/motion to unless I am required to.

I know that I fit the profile of a “road biker” who thinks he’s all that and a bag of potato chips. I dress like I am a serious road biker. I have “nice (sweet) road bikes” to make the everyday rider/biker/cyclist take a second look at me. I have the drive to ride like a pro. I am focused. I think, I often carry the aura of “I am better than you” should we meet upon the road of life.

I will make an apology right now for every rider I put into a bad mood for my actions for a response (or there lack of.) Just this once though.


If you require more than a “I’m Sorry” from me then too fucking bad. Not going to ever, ever, ever and ever say anymore than "I'm Sorry" to you. Get over your “I expect a response” thinking out on the roads and bike paths of life..

Remember, I am the same as you, minus the “I could care less attitude.”

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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