Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Me & Bike Tire Tubes

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Today’s picture is a shot of all the bike tire tubes that I currently have on stock. With me having so many bikes I have learned that I need to keep a surplus supply of bike tubes on hand. Granted, this lesson (the storage of extra bike tubes) did not come to me overnight, but many years later. I just hate spending money that I do not have to.

Yet, with the different bikes that I own and most of the time it seems that the back tire goes flat. With that I have to be careful that I am not interchanging an 8 gear ring with one of my 9 or 10 gear ring back bike tire. I am not sure if I have to be really careful, but I do not think that it is wise to do so. I would rather be safe than sorry.

Presently, I buy bike tubes when they are on sale – I would estimate I would buy up to ten dollars worth when on sale. That usually comes to about 3 packages of spare tubes. As you can see from the picture I have nine. But that does not include the other spare tubes that I have stashed in my under the bike seat compact bag compartment.

I try to keep a spare, new tube in the bike seat bag for those “on the run” tire change and have no time to repair a flat moments. And believe me there are quite a few of them. Especially when I am running late for work or beating the bank hours before it closes for the day/weekend.

Yet, I also will try to use a bike tube as much as I can. There are many, many times that my bike tire tubes look so “white trash” to the rest of the world. That may be the wrong word to use - “White trash”, but when I change a flat and see the bike tube covered in patches I have to laugh at my “cheapness” or “penniless” ways of using a bike tube over and over until I can no longer use the bike tube anymore.

I know the bike tube is cheap, relatively speaking, but I have to make sure that I am getting my money’s worth out of each bike tube I have. I am wasteful and that is something I will admit, but with biking I have to make sure that I am using my money to the fullest extent regarding my cycling. My biking career can add up to some pretty expensive costs these days and spending another five bucks on a bike tube is too much for me. Especially since I own a lot of bikes.

Wait! - I know what you are thinking - this guy is a hypocrite - he can buy jerseys after jersey, which cost $ 80.00 on average, but he can not spend $ 20.00 on bike tires tubes?! Yes, that is true, but tubes are hidden inside the bike tire as where my bike jerseys are what defines me and also I am proud to show off to the cycling and non-cycling world. Fucked up priorities, but never the less, fucked priorities I stand behind 100 percent. I never said I was perfect.

Getting back to the topic at hand - Along with bike tubes I have to buy Bike patch kits. This cost is very, very low and not even worth talking about. Yet, I do have to talk about. The bike patch kit usually costs about one dollar to three dollars, but I really think that this cost is more reasonable to than buying a whole new tube.

Once more readers I thought to share this particular topic with you readers.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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