Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2nd Season Premiere of the Riches

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The season premiere of "the Riches" - second season was excellent.

I could not wait until 11 PM (MST) in order for the Riches to start the second season. There was nothing else on tv so I had to watch XXX-State of the Union and then Batman Begins. I have to admit that both movies were pretty good. Nope, I never saw them nor had any desire to see either of the movies. Yet, I did not want to change the channel nor move from the couch so I would not miss the premiere of the Riches.

Note: This is sort of a spoiler alert, but not word for word on the Riches last night. Please skip the rest of the posting since that is all I am going to talk about.

Second season started with a recap on where and who the Riches are. Then, FX replayed the last 5 minutes or so of the last season's episode. The new season starts up with them still in the Mobile Home wondering what next.

Honestly readers - I still did not have a clue on how this was going to be resolved nor how the second season would start.

I really laughed when the money that was "lost" from last season showed up in one of the character's hands. I could believe it and not believe that person had the "lost" money.

Then Dale. Tell you what readers, he's bad, but pivotal to the show. Nina (how ever you pronounce her name) showing up in the show was nice. The show has already established characters so with the start of the second season FX was able to continue the story without any new character development.

I did like all the conversations between all characters and they stayed true to the character's persona. There was the - Oh my gosh moment - the I can't believe it moment - uh-oh what the fuck are they gonna do moment - the too funny moment - the morals moment. And last but least - the what would you do moment.

At the end of the first episode they showed the previews for the upcoming second season. Which by the way, will be only seven episodes long. I am sad to hear that. And I will hope the seven episodes will be good to where FX will renew for a third season.

I was so happy to be on my couch with a glass of wine watching my family - the Riches - that I come to love. To me watching and drinking a glass a wine on a show that I thoroughly enjoy is me being very happy. I have no problem giving up an hour of my life to watch the Riches.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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