Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm not Anonymous

Greetings Readers

Attention Sil vous plais! The Ignorant Senor(ita) blogger is going private. You should read the reason, excuse me, the reasons why. I will try and list a brief re-cap if I can.

However - I am not anonymous. I have no reason to be. I like signing my name after each post. I now like showing you readers pictures of me (me - pictured on today's post) . I'm in the search engines, I am known. Period. I tell it like I see it. Or the way you should see it.

I give anonymity when talking about anything related to work, but that is very, very rare. Even on the rare occasion it is about a co-worker and I have label that character "Lamont" and even told my co-worker his code name and also their is a "Bobbie Rae." I do not talk about as co-workers, but as pawns in my adventures with them.

Beyond that I have been honest about me. I have kept my actual location (street address) and parent's place (no address) out of my blog. No need for any of you bloggers to find me out of anger or repercussions.

I do talk about this and that. All that I think have I have mentioned so far have been opinions, personal views, and by definition. I have never quoted "the law" or anything remotely close to statutes.

I rarely mention my friends, but mostly focus on the complete stranger that I see or meet upon the road of life. You have read, probably read, the encounters and interactions that were between me and those strangers. I make no excuses and/or apologies..

I am not worried about what I say nor am I worried about what I talk about, in a manner of speaking. Since I do not talk (gossip) about my friends/coworkers - I have no worries about a friend/co-worker finding my blog out on the Internet. This is a public blog, which by choice readers (us blog authors have that authority to blogs Public or Private) and I have no reason(s) to make private. Most times when I should mention someone I know - it is vague to where that a particular reader(s) may identify him/herself in my blog.

Again - I am not talking about my everyday interactions with such and such person. I have more to talk about than people I know. I talk about my biking, running, events beyond the workplace and home. I am free to touch upon any subject that I would consider open and not be related to the people I know.

So, getting to the blogger I labeled the Ignorant Senor(ita). It was decided by the blogger this past week to make his/her blog private, because she/he has "reserve the right"to do this. So what. Is this Ignorant Senor(ita) thinking were are not as smart as her/him? Or we can not figure this out by deductive reasoning?

She/He writes about her/his past life, er love life, and let me tell you she/he can talk about the past. She/He says that they personally are over that love, but in reality she/he is not. She/he has kept all letters, IM's, pictures, etc. and writes about this and that and why and why not and then has the audacity to say she/he is over him/her. Clearly not. To be over someone you need to get rid some of that relationship stuff. I was actually waiting for her/him to say that they have a locket of that person's hair for remembrance.

The Ignorant Senor(ita) talks about other issues which I have commented on my blog and I have labeled Ignorant Senor(ita) as a label keyword search. Some of the things she/he says are pretty fucked up. Though you have to give her/him credit for being so young and hopefully naive - she/he is in twenties and has not experienced the world beyond the area she/he resides though that is an assumption from what I have read so far on the Ignorant Senor(ita)'s blog.

Now, getting to the last post she/he will make - the Ignorant Senor(ita) is giving us readers an ultimatum to either follow her/him or not. She/he has told us the reasons why and this will break a friendship if she/he does not make the blog private. Well, in my opinion, the Ignorant Senor(ita) needs to come off that throne and back down to the earth.

I am a bit sad since I will be unable to read her/his next fucked up view of the world and how it is not her/his fault. Or she/he will have " past love - part 50" and again that is pretty fucked up to talk about that a subject that long. Oh yes readers, the Ignorant Senor(ita) is well into part X and above. And the posts are getting longer and longer, and makes me wonder how much info did she/he keep about past loves (there is a lot of detail).

The Ignorant Senor(ita) was an inspiration to me on how fucked up being in your twenties is. Believe me I know myself since I was once in my twenties. I am not in a position nor would even consider telling what may be right and/or wrong. I just tell my view and opinion of what she/he did on the actions she/he did on my post.

Note: - Ignorant Senor(ita) - My readers will miss you and my analytical breakdown of your adventures you post

Additional Note: I already have a replacement in mind - His/her label is the Ignorant Biker.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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