Friday, March 21, 2008

A Religious Incident at Light Rail

Greetings Readers

I got off work as usual. Yet, there was a certain pissy-ness, that was with me yesterday.

I got dressed into my biking gear as usual and decided that I am going to take Light Rail part of the way home.

I reached the Light Rail station with an imaginary dark cloud over my head. I was pissed off, but not pissed off at anything. Wait! I know what you readers are saying right now. When isn't Daryl pissed off. hah hah. The joke is on me. Anyway...

Note: - the picture is not the Light Rail Station that is being written about, but does give the readers a sense of passenger loading area.

I ride into the RTD Light Rail station and reached the open "passenger loading area" when I see that there is a group of people at one end of the passenger loading area and then there are a few people handing out fliers. I immediately put two and two together, but not three and three. I knew that they were some group of people from a specific religion. I immediately thought I wanted no part of this. None. I did not even want to be approached.

By the way - I was in this pissed off mood when I was getting my biking gear on that I forgot to put on my earphones. I was listening to the wind making her sounds in my ears while riding and listening the surroundings, which I immediately picked up singing at the far end of the loading area.

Hence, that is how I put two and two together. As for three and three - one of my friends later told me that those people were probably trying to get people for Easter Mass. See how much I know.

I coasted through the loading area and I will be damn that this was the one time that there was no Light Rail trains unloading. That meant I was going to be a target from the get go. No other people that these religious people to approach and "bother". I know that is not right to say, but in my personal view I do not want to be "bothered" about religion - in general of course.

I soon reached the kiosk and lo and behold I did not have any spare change in my side bike pocket. Damn. That meant that I had to take off my back pack and get my wallet out. Which in turn that made me be longer at the kiosk and more of a target to one of the religious people.

I knew that I was fucked.

Damn! All I had was a Jackson. That meant 18.00 dollars in dollar coins. Shit.

I selected my location and put in my $ 20.00 dollars. Clink. Clink. Clink.

"Boy sounds like you won the lottery?" I heard from a woman to the back and right of me.

Damn - I immediately thought. No earphones and I was forced to respond. And be polite. Since this was a religious person.

"No, this is my change from putting in a twenty dollar bill." I said monotone and looked at her with my Oakleys on my face and quickly responded.

"and if I miss that train right over there - I am going to be pissed off and I will cuss in front of you and those singers over there. So please let me be. Thank you."

I was being honest and straight to the point. No bullshit from me on this one occassion.

I know she said something after I said Thank you, but I ignored/didn't listen to her. I was worried about missing that Light Rail train since I had seen that Light Rail Train sitting there ever since arriving at the Light Rail Station.

Normally, I would not care if I missed the light rail train, but as I stated I was in a pissed off mood and I think I was looking for a reason to be pissed off at. If the Light Rail train left while I was getting my ticket that would of sent me over the boiling point. I wanted to cuss and was looking for any reason to cuss.

Luckily for me. Yes, me not her and her group, I did not miss that Light Rail Train. Though about 15 seconds later that train I boarded left. Oh so close. A what-if moment that could have went the other way.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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