Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Energy Gel Preference

Greetings Readers

I am going to talk about one "gel" that I have come to love - desire.

GU Energy Gel. More specifically "Orange Burst" with "w/Caffeine (in small print)" under the "Orange Burst."

I did pick up (purchase) my case last week. Basically $22.00 and change - on sale. I love this "gel". Much better going down the throat than Powerbar brand.

I do not usually comsume gel on a regular basis, but I have decided to incorporate this gel into my riding this year.

Gel, power bars, etc do work, but most of the time you have to find out which source of energy source you are going to use and more importantly - find a flavor that you love. And do not try one on just the flavor alone. Like I did week and half ago...

Flashback - The Snowman Stampede 10M / 20M - I was running on empty and I had barely made the aid station running. I stopped and I needed to get some energy back into my body. I grabbed some Gatorade first. Then, I grabbed a GU Energy Gel (Orange Burst), more Gatorade, then looked for more GU Energy Gel - Orange Burst. Nada. I asked and they searched, but all GU have been used. So, I had to choose from the existing quantities and brands - chocolate flavor, Banana (?), etc. None of the gels caught my attention. So, I was about to have a chocolate flavor Powerbar Powergel when one of the volunteers found another box holding a few more. I looked and looked and then I spotted a "Tropical" flavor.

"Tropical." The flavor actually caught my eyes. Hmmm. I immediately think to myself fuck the chocolate flavor. Tropical is going to be much, much better. Cause when I saw "Tropical" I immediately thought of "Hawaiian Punch." Can you readers imagine that flavor in gel form. Oh yes, I was at the moment! I was about to experience "A taste of Heaven" at Mile 14. Sorry readers, the brand is Hammer Gel Pouch - Tropical

I gave the chocolate packet back to the volunteer and said sorry because he had already ripped the packet open for me. He said "not a problem" So, I tore open the "tropical" and stuck that packet in my mouth and squeezed. I squeezed like I was squeezing all the lime into a bottle of Corona.


Holy shit! That was no "Tropical" flavor! I am not sure if "Tropical" would even taste like what I squeezed in my mouth on February 23, 2008! Thank goodness I was near the trash bucket. I made a "yuck" sound and spit the whole gel into the trash. I then spitted a few times to get the gel all out.

Right after my spitting I could hear the guy say something to the effect - I guess you don't like it. I smiled at him, but perhaps it was a grimace smile since I was trying to get the "Tropical" out of my mouth. Then, I heard the woman volunteer say "I guess you should have stuck to the chocolate flavor" We all laughed at that remark. What are you gonna do?! I laughed because I fucked up on my choice. It was funny and is still funny. I grabbed two more cups of Gatorade to swish in my mouth and clean out any remaining gel that was left in my mouth. I can not quote what exactly I said after I was done cleaning out my mouth, but it was like "I thought Tropical was going to taste something like Hawaiian Punch. Not even close."

Hammer Gel Pouch Tropical - On the packaging there is a hammer combined with the crank and the only thought after I tasted the "Tropical" was that this was the stuff, the lube, that would be used on the gear ring of that packaging picture that would taste like. Flavor "Gear Lube." Anyway, I do not think I will ever try that brand anymore unless it is my only choice and if I really, really need to - for energy sakes.

I have that memory forever imprinted in my brain and will so for the rest of my days. My body even shakes with that memory - hah, hah.

Note: Faithful readers - I know, I know, I did not mention this on my recap previously, but then again this was a memory that I was trying to forget. Though it is funny to post on today's post. Hah hah.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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