Friday, March 13, 2009

Resident Evil 5

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I would have to say that I have been waiting for about two years for this game to be released onto PS3. I would also admit that this would have been the reason to buy a Playstation 3 now, if I had not bought the PS3 last year.

After all, dropping $ 400.00 bones for a Playstation 3 was just not right. I was no hurry to buy the console when it first came out. So, I waited and waited. No games that I was interested were scheduled when the PS3 was released. Although the graphics were spectacular on the games I saw.

So, last year was when I bought the PS3 and the reason was Grand Theft Auto 4 was going to be released on PS3. Being a die-hard Grand Theft Auto gamer since GTA 3 came out years ago I knew that there was going to be no debate when GTA4 came out and whether or not I was going to buy PS3.

So, almost a year later - finally Resident Evil 5. I loved Resident 4, and also that was the first time ever I played that franchise chain of game of the Resident Evils. Long story short I was blown away on Resident Evil 4. I never knew a game like that existed. Matter of fact, I never knew a game could get me addicted so quickly. I bought the game on the Gamecube console, which I heard was the best, and from that point on I loved every moment of the game.

Now, Resident Evil 5 was scheduled for Release today. Well, actually it did release and matter of fact at certain stores you could pick up a copy after midnight.

I thought about doing that, but I changed my mind.

So, I reserved the Collector's Edition of Resident Evil 5. Why not - is my thinking. After all the standard game is going to be about $ 60.00 and the Collector's edition is going to be about $ 90.00. Only a $ 30.00 difference, which in my view is not that much, since I know that the Collector's edition will have some collectible stuff.

And there was - A messenger bag (kinda small), a patch, a necklace, a figurine, a bonus disc, and the game comes in steel case as opposed to a plastic case. Very nice.

Obviously, some people got to play the game before release and of some of those people some were game reviewers. Matter of fact, out of those game reviewers one of the reviewers is a black person. And boy oh boy, he was like Al Sharpton. Racist this. Racist that. Blah blah blah. I just could not believe.... well I actually can, but not from this particular reviewer. I guess he may have wanted to beat Al Sharpton before he started to chant "Apologize"

Now, myself being a Native American Indian, I do not give a fuck if Native American Indians are in a video game and portrayed as the antagonist. Whether getting beat up, killed, the bad guy, the weak, etc, it is just a game. There is a game and then there is reality.

That being said. When Resident Evil 4 came out, which was supposedly set in some European county - something perhaps like Romanian - not one European shouted racism of being the bad guy being hunted by the white man. And apparently, the previous 3 Resident Evils had white bad guys being hunted by the white man/woman. The white people did not complain "racism."

It is a video game. And this time around the Resident Evil background was going to be set in some fictional region in Africa. I am going to be the typical stereotyper, but to me Africa has the largest black population in the world and from what I know - whether it be by news, tv, books, magazines, movies - blacks are predominantly shown as the country's citizens. I know I would not see a town of Asians, Indians, Native American Indians, White people (well, perhaps in South Africa maybe - I don't know) Jewish people, Latinos - that would not be right from what I know and have seen. If the game is going to be set in Africa I expect to see a isolated village/town in the middle of nowhere with black people and from there that would depend on what the story line of the game is about is going to happen to that town or around that town.

Anyway, I do not think that this is an issue nor do I think the black reviewer is right/wrong.

However, I do think this was an opportunity to make news first on a topic of racism that may or may not be in the game. That depends on your point of view.

I think, I am getting tired of hearing someone saying that someone said "buckwheat" "nappy" "my brotha" at some topic and then someone else says "racism" then "fire him/her" then "injustice" and "I want an apology." I am not saying it was not wrong or right, but any chance to make news there is someone to say it first and then it does not end.

Readers, I am only touching the tip of the iceberg on Racism on this blogpost. By no means is this blog post sum up my views or feelings. There are alot of things to mention, point out, but I only referenced to what I thought I needed to for this particular post. And I writing about Resident Evil 5, the black reviewer and his opinions about the game, which in my opinion, is not racism.

Readers? If any of you Readers played Resident Evil 5 - do you think the game is racist?

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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