Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where's George

Greetings Readers

I have seen that stamped on various Washington’s for the past ten years, I bet.

I never gave a second thought about going to that website stamped on the one dollar bill.

Then, I saw that word Dollar on the back of the dollar I had acquired.

Graffiti like writing.

Then, I thought about isn’t it like a crime, or a Federal crime to deface money.

Well, I did some research on the net and I see that it is. Yet, that would depend on what defacing did to the money.

The bottom line is that if anyone defaces money to the point that the currency has to be taken out of circulation – that is a crime.

So, some of us kids (children) when we were young that may or may not put that penny on the train tracks to get that penny flat – you committed a crime.

Apparently, in my research there was a machine at a carnival that stretched a penny out, meaning deformed the penny, and if I remember correctly that machine had to stop doing this to pennies provided by the customers since it rendered the penny out of circulation.

I saw many bills that were deformed by someone. Most of the bills were deformed by defacing the person who was pictured on the bill. Some of the artwork looked good. Others looked like a pre-schoolers deformed the bill. Some had many colors; others had one color scheme.

Anyway, I decided to post and comment on this dollar that had the words “Wheresgeorge.com” stamped on the dollar bill.

Readers, perhaps in a year we can see where this particular dollar has been since I had it. Then again, there could be a lot of other people who could care less where George is.

Anyway, you Readers can see the serial number of the one-dollar bill so you can check anytime you want.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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