Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Water Bottles 2009

Greetings Readers

So, with my training and a new year it is time once again to purchase new water bottles for this year's 2009 biking season.

I think, that I mentioned for the first time to you faithful Readers last year that I purchase new water bottles at the beginning of each year.

Many reason are as follows. Since I hardly use water in my water bottles the liquids that I use get ingrained into the water bottles throughout the year.

Meaning, I can taste what I used the previous time. 99 percent of the time I do not use bleach in any of my water bottles for cleaning. Just liquid soap and hot water and then shake up the water bottle for a few and then use a scrubber that can fit through the opening of the water bottle so I can clean inside the water bottle. After that is done I then put the water bottle(s) into the dish washer for the rest of my sanitizing of my water bottle(s). I know that there are probably many of you bikers who use bleach, well some bleach in their water bottles and hey that is okay by me. But for me to do that - I don't. Period.

And unfortunately some liquids stain the water bottles throughout the year so there is that pink, blue, green hue that you can sort of see when you look at that supposedly clean water bottle. Again, I could care less if that does not matter to you, but it does matter to me when they are my water bottle.

Again, towards the end of the year the bottles of mine are definitely looking used. Used up. Black scuff marks from being dropped, pulled and pushed into the water bottle cage on the bike. Again, fine by me if you like that look of your water bottles look like that at the end of the year. Matter of fact, that shows that you are a hard core rider. Yet, again at the beginning of the new year you really should invest in new water bottles - for all the above reasons I have listed so far

Also, sometimes I prepare the day before a ride so I freeze some of the liquid I plan to consume for my bike ride the next day in the water bottle. That what - the liquid stays colder on my ride from the frozen liquid. If it not frozen, meaning that you pour your liquid into the water bottle it will warm up faster than the frozen liquid you did the night before. With this, somehow the liquid and the smell get ingrained into the water bottle over time.

So, I have a picture of the water bottles I bought this past Sunday after my ride and then I have a picture of all the water bottles in my freezer ready for use for my next bike ride. What is that Readers? No, going to and from work I do not need a water bottle, in my opinion of course. Then again, there are times I should have brought a water bottle. The distance is short and there is water when I get to work and home.

What was that other question? Why don't I use any of those water bottles from my biking events that are usually provided when I register for a long bike ride? Well, I like keeping those collectible, in my opinion, water bottles on display. After all they usually have the event's name and year of what I rode in. All different colors, shapes and sizes - yet they are just so unique to use at all. So, that is why I buy water bottles I know that I am going to use and eventually throw away after a year's use.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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