Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Coca-Cola Points

Greetings Readers

I have another bag full of Coca-Cola points – Caps and cardboard points from the 12 /24 packs of Coca-Cola. These points are all courtesy of my parents and my brother.

I know that I have posted that I am upset, irate, pissed off – basically do not care about the Coca-Cola my coke rewards program. Yet, my immediate family knew from the past that I participate in the program and knew that I was collecting points.

Collecting points may or may not be a hassle, but this is something they are doing for me in exchange for the things I bring them when I visit them in New Mexico. It may not be equal in cost of what I bring to them, but that does not matter. I do care about the points and will not turn down “free” points.

I did not tell them about the new point system and my feelings. I want them to continue to collect points for me regardless of my feelings. If collecting points makes them feel like they are helping me out so be it. I will happily take that in exchange for the gifts I purchase for my parents and family throughout the year.

I have recently bitched and complained (on my blog) about the change in the Coca-Cola rewards program, but when I got that gallon Zip lock bag full of Coca-Cola points I cannot complain or bitch. I did take the bag of points with a “very Thank you much.”

I will redeem and from there I will see what I could do on the program. After all I have all year (well, about 6 months to monitor the prizes available) to see what I can redeem my points for. I doubt that the Flat Screen TV will be an option, but you never know. I am sure that at the end of summer, beginning of Fall I will take a look at the points I have redeemed and see what options I have.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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