Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Change in Coca-Cola rewards program

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Well, I know that I mentioned late last year that I was excited about the Coca-Cola (a.k.a. mycokerewards) program got re-newed for another year. I was excited to hear that even though I had redeemed almost all my points about mid year in 2008 since I knew that the possibility of getting a nice reward at the end of the 2008 was not looking good.

Well, about a month ago Coca-Cola decided to reveal that a new entering point system was going to be introduced. Basically, Coca-Cola said that us consumers would be able to enter unlimited points during one week time frame up to a certain point limit. Back then, we Coca-Cola reward members could enter 10 codes a day. 10 codes - whether it be 10 points, 3 points, 25 points or whatever points you have to redeem that day to be entered.

Meaning that if I had ten 12-pack Coca-Cola codes to redeem I would get 100 points for that day (10 x 10 = 100 points). So, if I did that for 7 days I would have redeemed 700 points (100 x 7 = 700 points). Pretty darn good! Going further with that example let us do a year (700 x 52 = 36,400 points a year)

Now, Coca-Cola has restricted us Coca-Cola reward members with a limit of 125 points per week. Starting Monday and ending Sunday night. This FUCKING sucks. With this new point entering system 125 points per week for 52 weeks... (125 x 52 = 6500 points a year.) look at the fucking difference in points. This point system affects us die hard point entering fanatics. We never abused the system, we just took advantage of entering points each day. now, with the limit of points per week we are being forced against our will. Basically, being punished.

Not to mention the prize tiers. The fucking Prizes suck and the different type of rewards are 3/4 smaller than what it used to be. Online magazine subscription, free coke, donate points and now nothing over 2,000 points is available to redeem against.

I hate to say this, but my Coca-Cola drinking has changed from one month ago. I now find myself buying Dr. Pepper. After all, that is my second most favorite drink and I think that is also a Texas thang. Also, I am not buying 12 packs of Coca-Cola like I have been the past two years. I would be buying 12 pack after 12 pack just for the points. And to drink, but I bought Coca-Cola almost every day.

Currently, I have two 12 packs of Dr. Pepper at my desk. When I want one I put a few in the refrigerator to get cold and have later. At home I do not have any Coca-Cola in my fridge. Amazing, but true shit. Now, it is Sun Tea.

To Coca-Cola - Thank you - I have stopped the insanity of me trying to buy as much Coca-Cola from you as I could to redeem points each day. With the restrictions you have now put in place I have no desire to buy like I have been doing. There is no logic. And no desire if you can not offer prizes to reflect the new point system.

I am still sticking it to Coca-Cola when I can. By paying in Nickels when and should I buy a drink from the vending machines at work.

With the change in the program there is no desire to drink Coca-cola to get points to enter on the website. Currently, I have about 1700 points in my account, but all I have to choose from the website are Fucking Shitty Prizes. And yes let me say it again - Fucking shitty prizes.

And yes, I am currently liking the taste of Dr. Pepper once more.

By the way, this was a nice Coca-Cola prize that was offered last year before the changes Coca-Cola made this year. A nice, but small backpack made specifically for a lap-top. I have used the back pack a few times, but there is just not enough room to put anything in there except a lap top and paper, with pens and small assorted stuff you may be able to put in there.

I have to admit that there is not enough room to even put a six pack of beer in the back pack easily. I can force and stuff the six pack into the back pack, but then it tough trying to zip the back pack close. With that being said you can kind of get an idea of how small the back pack is. And that is the pictured on today's blog post.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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