Monday, March 02, 2009

"Good Day"

“Hello Americans”

I labeled the Post “Good Day,” but it really should be “Good bye.”

Paul Harvey passed away on Saturday at the age of 90 years old. I am very sad to learn of this news Readers. I have no shame in the tears in my eyes. Paul Harvey was a part of my life. I want to stop typing since the tears are blurring my vision, but I have to continue since I know Paul Harvey would do the same.

Paul Harvey. I grew up with Paul Harvey when the radio was on. And I have continued to listen to Paul Harvey up until the past week.

Granted, being in Denver, Colorado I did not listen to his Radio spot every day, but I tried to listen to his spot when I could. Whereas if I was in New Mexico visiting my Parents I made it point to listen to Paul Harvey on the radio airwaves of New Mexico every day.

After All, I grew up with Paul Harvey. I found myself waking up to Paul Harvey on some radio station playing in the house. Or perhaps our family might be eating breakfast and then it was time for Paul Harvey.

And that was the ritual around the Charley household back in the day. If we missed the Paul Harvey show in the morning I would tell my parents to “don’t change the channel” until Paul Harvey is over. Or if there was a repeat of Paul Harvey during the day’s programming I would listen again. Crazy? No, I believed in Paul Harvey and until his passing on Saturday I backed Paul 100% percent.

“Page 2”

Paul had delivered the news as well as the pauses in reporting the news. Often Paul was direct on the news until the end, when then end was not what one expected. Paul managed to make the end humorous as opposed to dreadful end to a story he was reporting on.

Many times my family and I laughed at your news reports. This was a common bond that brought our family together in a manner you never thought possible.

Paul Harvey. I am very, very sad to hear you have passed away. You can not imagine how much you were part of my life – even to this day.

“Page 3”

Sunday night, 3-1-09, I am listening to 850 KOA and I am very sad. Listening to the words of Paul Harvey I have some tears on my cheeks listening to the various tidbits of past Paul Harvey shows. My tears are to the memories of Paul Harvey. I am sad and not ashamed to say that I will miss Paul Harvey.

“Page 4”

This picture on my blog is the first time ever that I have seen a picture of Paul Harvey. I can not say this was what I pictured or not pictured, since I never had a desire to know what Paul looked like. After all, Paul Harvey was the voice of America and that was well enough for me.

Thank you Paul Harvey for being there on the radio waves of America. You meant so much to me that no one who listens to you would understand. I will truly miss you on the airwaves. Goodbye and farewell to you Paul Harvey. Or as you said at the end of each of your broadcast that I remember…

“Good Day”

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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