Thursday, March 05, 2009

Holding On for Dear Life

Greetings Readers

Today was the first day that I was actually "scairt". I was scared riding on my HED rims - the deep rims - today full knowing that the day was going to be windy.

Sure it has been windy in the past week and I have used my judgement to decided whether or not I am going to take the HED rims out on a nice windy day or not. Often times I look at the prediction of wind speeds in the Denver Metro Area and subtract 5 to 10 miles an hour.

Today, I did not watch the morning news, but knew that the day was going to be nice and there was going to be some wind. Some wind meaning over 15 mph just like the day before.

Which, brings me to yesterday morning where I actually felt the wind's presence and I actually had a two handed death grip on the handlebars. Vicelike on might relate to. There was the gust and I actually felt the wind actually move my bike to the opposite side of blowing and fear a pang of actually being blown over. I was able to turn the front wheel into the lean really quickly and probably avoided being blown over. Though that could be speculation since I am sure I would know if I was going down to Kiss Mother Earth.

Yesterday evening was okay since the winds did die down a lot.

Come this morning. Full blown winds from walking out the door, yet I wanted to ride the HED cycling rims. No matter what I did not want to use another bike.

I felt the wind this morning and it was worst from the day before. I held onto both handlebars even tighter than I thought I could. I crouched into a riding position as opposed to just sitting up in the seat. I could imagine that if I did not have my fingerless gloves on you see all the white areas on my hands that show how tight I was gripping the handlebars.

Three times the winds really caught the deep HED rims and take the bike with the gusts. Even holding onto the handlebars with preparedness of the wind - that did no good. I was not strong enough to hold a line or the wind was that strong. I was all over the sidewalks and parking lots this morning. I dared not to ride in the street since the wind was so strong this morning and for the fear of being blown into the curb or traffic.

So, that was the event this morning. Very Bad judgement on my part, but looking oh so good with bad judgement. Go fucking figure, but not unexpected.

And should it be that windy this evening I am still sticking to the sidewalks.

P.S. Readers - One of two comments got approved by a blogger I left a comment on the past week - the blogger's author commented on my comment and then indicated that the blogger contacted the police and whatnot. Fine. Yet, my initial comment was going off what I read on that particular post and there was NOTHING PRINTED on that the blog post that indicated the blogger contacted the police. With that knowledge I pointed out views, assuming no police was contacted (since it was not mentioned in the blog) and the blogger was just calling the person an "asshole." for the sakes of seeing the bike gone from the bike rack that was left for over 13 days. I stand by initial comment and make no apologies to the blogger or you Readers. And I do not need to comment on the blogger's comment to my comment since I do not need to. Of course, I could say what I just wrote, but then that's something I chose, this time, not to do.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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