Monday, March 16, 2009

Runnin of the Green 7k - 2009

Greetings Readers

I woke up this morning and I was still unsure that if I wanted to run the 2009 Runnin' of the Green (a.k.a. 2009 Running of the Green) today. For the past week, I have been working late and wanted some down time for myself. No Readers, playing my new video game was not the reason why, but yes it had a part of not wanting to run on Sunday.

Anyway for the past week, I have been able to ride Andrea and show off the HED rims all this week. This was great - since I got the HED rims last year and now it the beginning of the new year and now I can show the HED rims all I want. Well, depending on the weather though.

Four of the five past business days I have been leaving work well after 7 PM. I would get home drained and not wanting to cook. So, I would heat up a can of Chicken Noodle soup, eat ,watch a bit of TV, then call it a evening.

By Friday, I was saying no to running of the Runnin of the Green. Yet, then I saw the forecast weather and they all agreed 60's and a bit of wind.

Excellent really. No rain or snow is always good, since I do like be outside after the Runnin' of the Green and drink. Nothing says Runnin' of the Green like drinking afterwards and meeting new people and listening to live music.

Saturday I was still unsure, but I did stop by the bank to withdraw the registration fee and a bit of drinking money just in case I wanted to run.

I relaxed Saturday and thought perhaps I might do the run, but again not sure.

Now, back to the beginning of Sunday morning. I woke up early and was still unsure. I saw the weather Sunday Morning and they promised sun with a bit of a wind blowing from the West.

Alright. Alright. I decided get ready and I was going leave early this morning. Unlike last year when I had to ride like a madman to the Light Rail Station since the Local bus was not coming.

I decided to ride the bus, so I started walking and jogging to the Arapahoe Light Station. A nice morning and a slight breeze. I stayed out of the shadows since the morning air was a bit cool.

Eventually, I made it to the Light Rail Station and looked at my watch. How could have time went by that quickly. I waited for the next Light Rail and sure enough it was going to Union Station.

About 30 Minutes or so later I was looking at my watch and seeing that 10:15 was nearly here. It appears that it was going to be another foot race to the start line to register, sign up, pay and get the number pinned to my Southpark Jersey I wore today.

Sure enough by the time I got the bib pinned the back of the pack was starting to move. I had arrived just in time for the back of the pack to get moving to the starting line.

I took a few pictures of the start line. It was sunny, it was a beautiful morning in Downtown Denver, and I have to say that I was excited that I changed my mind to run the Runnin' of the Green.

I knew that I was not going to be running for time - at all. I only have done one official running race to date and I have not been running at all on my own time. Whether it be after work, during my lunch break, during the weekend or any official running event. I did get a bit sick the past month and that did change my mind on running on some other official running events. Just let the body rest and get better.

So, I had no problem worrying about time. This time around it was about the T-shirt and the beer afterwards. I knew that the time was not going to be last. Little did I know that morning I would be having a time I care not to see - ever.

I saw a lot of runners and they too saw me. Well, let me say that they saw my Southpark Bike Jersey. Many nice comments and smiles.

Not much else I can say about the Runnin' of the Green. I did okay, never felt winded and I did not sprint to the finish line this year. Kind of crowded this time around - meaning it was crowded with runners throughout the course. Apparently, I found out later that this Runnin' of the Green was the largest amount of runners to date in this event. That was nice to hear.

The finish line came and then I was on my own. I knew a few friends that were doing the Runnin of the Green, and I knew where they were going to be meeting. However, I did not know how long they were going to wait. Since I started in back of the pack and I knew that my friends started at the front of the pack there might a big time difference between the time they cross the finish line and the time that I cross the finish line.

I walked around the area and even stood up on a platform to take in the view of seeing any of my friends in the crowd of spectators and runners alike in the streets of Downtown Denver.

Needless to say, I spent about 15 minutes walking here and there, but no such luck. Oh well, time to head over to the area with music and beer. And just enjoy the morning drinking beer in the sun. After about 15 minutes or so I decided to make one last sweep of the area that my friends were going to meet and I saw Julio.

Julio was with another person I did not recognize. And this time Julio was able to run the 2009 Runnin' of the Green this year as opposed to last year when he was sidelined with a foot injury and decided against running in order for his foot to get better later that year.

"Julio?" I asked


Well, Julio also looked for others and did not see any of our mutual friends. He did introduce me to his friend... let me give her an alias - Katherine.

Julio, Katherine and I hung out for about 15 minutes together. We talked about our running and a bit of this and that and then we all parted ways. I was no mood to leave myself so I said goodbye to Julio and Katherine and that was the official start of my day.

I did get a few post pictures in the same place I get my picture taken every year at the Runnin' of the Green (Running of the Green) in Downtown Denver.

Overall, I was happy that I did run and get out and enjoy another beautiful day in Denver, Colorado.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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