Friday, March 06, 2009

The Donning of the Bike Helmet

Greetings Readers

I know that the winds were going to be a lot less blowing today, but I also saw that a cold front is coming. Knowing that I had to leave the good bike at home and not risk any early snowfall or rain getting on my good bike.

So, I decided that Tracey was going out today. From the past month her back tire has been wobblely due to the side of the tire losing its integrity. The tire is old and this was the tire that was originally on Rebecca. So, I decided that I did not want to feel the wobble and odd thump in the back tire today.

I changed the tire to another spare tire and found out that tire was just as worse. Go Figure. I changed that tire to the oldest tire I have and found out that tire was almost as bad, but doable to ride on.

I was well into the start of my ride and the evidentable happened!

Wait. Oh Readers. I can hardly fucking believe this! I woke up this morning and felt I better wear a helmet today. Occasionally, I get this funny feeling where I feel I need to wear a bike helmet. I am not going to say I felt the hair stand up on my body, but just a feeling.

Gosh Dam! I fucking look, in the immortal words of my ex-co-worker, "just so awesome!" I look fucking Hot! Hah hah.

I digress, I put that helmet on and I felt just like all you bike commuters and casual riders - invincible. Oh yes, invincible. I felt like all you commuters I have the ride to the road, I have the right of way, more importantly, I have a helmet on and that makes me throw caution to the wind.

That feeling coarsing through my body felt pretty good. I rode like you everyday helmet riding commuters do. Well, almost. I wish that were true, but I have to stick to my riding style on a bike.

I decided the first stop this morning was Alberston's. I won $ 5.00 on the Monopoly game. Woo Hoo! I'm rich, I'm rich, I wealthy, I am socially independent.

I cashed in the money - bought 2 $ 2.00 scratch lottery tickets with my winnings. I gave one to my friend and then I took the other. Guess what?! I won $ 2.00! Call me lucky! Matter of fact, I better go out tonight since I am getting lucky. Perhaps I might really get "Lucky" with a petite blonde with a slim body. Oh yeah.

Again, I digress. So, after Alberston's I left the Arapahoe MarketPlace and that is where I almost got ran over/hit. I turned onto Yosemite and headed North in the left lane since I had the whole road to myself and traffic was being held up at the light. I biked like the wind blows this past week. Up in the distance I see one vehicle shoot out and turn the way I was biking. Traffic was heavy coming South and I do not know how long that driver was waiting. It must have been a long time since the driver squealed the tires and got his vehicle moving. Then, I saw a Mini-Van behind that driver was next and ready to speed out also in the same direction.

I am sure that the Mini Van Man looked to see if any vehicle(s) were coming and did not see any, since there was none. I do not know. Perhaps he did not see me since he was probably looking for vehicles as opposed to someone like me (cyclist) riding down Yosemite. He was looking the other way and did not look back in my direction.

By then I was almost right in front of him. He saw an opening and took off. Yet, his turn was not a proper turn. He turned into the lanes that he should not be in and drove by speeding up and then braking when he noticed me.

Me? I heard and saw all this, but I was not going to bulge since I was invincible with that bike helmet I donned this morning. I now know how you helmet riders feel about having the right of way and knowing that helmet is going to protect me and my entire body.

I turned into the turn lane and the driver reved his engine behind and then I slowed down since I was in the turn lane and there were vehicles also waiting to turn. No honks. But I heard the slide of tires on pavement from the Mini Van and then seconds later I heard the Mini Van man take off to the right of me and go down Yosemite in a hurry.

I did not yield to the turning Mini Van since I had the right of way on the street. I was aware of him, but I really rode defensively. I had the usual demeanor in this type of situation before, since this is nothing new for me.

Me mad? Nope. No reason to be. Happy? Nope - again no reason to be. Do I care? - yes, but in the grand scheme of things does it really matter or even effect me?

One might ask why did I not take the sidewalk? Well, I did not since I usually do not unless during rush hour. Why did you not ride in the gutter? Well, it is a short distance from where I turned onto Yosemite and then had to turn off Yosemite. I know if I have the light I know that I can still beat the traffic that has the red light even when it turns green for them since I can out ride them to the next light. And usually there is one or two or no cars turning with me which presents no problem for me after they pass me since I will have open road behind me. Why didn't I yield to the Mini Van Man? Well, first a Mini Van Man-to me that is less dangerous than a teenage camero driving person. Total assumption, but that was the thought process. And three- I am invincible since I was wearing that Bike helmet this morning.

Before any of Readers point out that this would not have happened if I was not wearing a helmet. Not. I would have done the same exact thing.

P.S. The bike helmet made me invisible - not invincible! Story of my Life.

P.S.S I was being very sarcastic about all bike helmet references in this blog post for today. I know, but for those that need to remind me - feel free to do so. After all, according to one blogger I am "the rudest person he has ever known."

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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