Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Crash and A Little Burn

Greetings Readers

ell, I do crash on the bike every now and then. And most of the time it is due to me cornering on dirt, paint lines or ice on the road.

nfortunately, this time around I crashed, but did not fall off the bike. I was able to prevent myself from falling to Kiss Mother Earth.

Here are the photos right after I got home that night. I know that you can not see it but I got my left leg scratched and bumped against the edge of the street. Street?

Yes, Street, on parts of Arapahoe Road they have closed up half the street and are doing some work. I think it has to do with sewer lines. And of course Arapahoe Road needs to be re-done in those areas anyway.

I take full responsibility in my injuries. After all it was I that decided to ride where I should not be at all, even though I know the area and not really riding in the construction area.

Let me begin.

Last Thursday evening was great since I was able to get off work on time. So great in fact that I was excited about taking the Mountain Bike,Lily, out since she has not seen a riding time for a while. Well Readers, no snow so I have been riding the Road bikes - Tracey and Andrea.

Since I was not riding any Road bikes and have knobby fat tires I can go up and down a hill to and from the store. I also decided to go where I probably should not ride. What I have been doing not to get to that area under construction is cross the street where there is a sidewalk and then ride a block or so to the next intersection and then cross the road again to get to King Soopers.

I know, I know it sucks. I have to wait for the lights to change if I do not have a light then I have to ride on the sidewalk since the other half of the street is now a two way street and orange pylons are in the gutter and middle of the street. Sidewalks all the way. I necessary do not have to do this, but I do.

Getting back to the story. I left my place and was soon at the start of the construction zone. Lily and I were not going to cross the street. We were going off road, in a matter of speaking.

I could make my way by the passing car headlights on where I was riding. No problem.

I got through without trouble or incident.

I got to King Soopers, did my shopping and then it was time to go back home. The same way.

There I was - full dark and now at the top of the hill and looking down on where I needed to ride. I rode the brakes all the way down the hill and leaned back on Lily and we went down the hill in total darkness. Slowly.

I got near the edge of the bottom of the hill and was doing okay. Not scared at all. I got to the area where the sidewalk used to be. Oh yes, the construction crews dug that up also. I rode through on the dirt that was under the sidewalk. I got near the intersection and felt myself go down another hill.

What? Too late, Apparently, the construction crews dug up a part of the road that I apparently missed on the way to the store. I think I missed this since there was some light when I left for the store and just when around that place in the road since I know I could not ride there.

Well, with the darkness and assuming. My front tire dropped below street level and then I hit the street and dirt that was left on where the construction crews stop digging.

I hit hard, but somehow I did not hit that hard. Little did I know that I did since I now have bruises on both of my thighs - purple and now some yellow bruises. I also scratched my left leg against the street somehow. And I scratched my thumb somehow. All in all, I did not curse or say a word - an amazing feat for myself! It happened, I stopped any possibility of me falling in the darkness and then just stood there straddling Lily's frame in the dark -wondering how in the hell did I not remember this section of the street gone.

Again, I point out this is purely my fault. There are signs saying that the sidewalk is closed, there are orange barrels here and there, and yellow tape here and there. One could say that there should have been a road is closed sign, but with all the orange barrels and construction barriers that is given that the road is closed.

This crash and burn could have been avoided if I had just taken the long way around by crossing to the other side of the street.

This reminds of a blog I read last year - A blogger was riding on the south side of 6th street, but was complaining that the sprinklers were getting him wet. I commented that he should of crossed the road and ride on the north side of the street, which there would be no sprinklers, therefore not getting wet. The response on that was that 6th was heavily travelled and he did not want to cross the street

Almost the same situation - and since I did not want to cross the heavily travelled Arapahoe Road well I got injured for my not crossing the street.

"No One Is To Blame" as the song goes by Howard Jones

except myself.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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