Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Day - No Vacation Days

Greetings Readers

Alright - I am back once with you bloggers, Internet surfers and the new visitor(s). I have been on vacation for the past week or so. Nothing, but work and some play. As you can see from the picture - that is a cow - specifically a Black Angus Cow. This was one of the "special days" that no calf looks forward to, most likely - the shots (8way, 7way, vitamin, etc.), the ear tagging, pour on, the castration (if the calf is a steer), and the branding. Perhaps I will elaborate later on this, then again may be not.

And the other picture is "Goofy" and let me tell you readers - that is me right now. Trying to keep it together until I can go home, have a beer and then sleep. I am beat tired. I am also pretty damn cold. Rain? What is with this Colorado weather?! Kidding. I know this is Colorado and I have to be prepared for the weather. But I so liked the warm/hot weather with the occasional windy days the past ten days or so.

And I will have to visit the other bloggers to see what I missed and see what kind of views I may have different views on or have something to say. Yet, you know what readers? - I am feeling better, mentally, a lot better, so I guess I think it is best to keep my opinions to myself. At least for a day or so =). Oh I am not saying I was not mentally unstable, but sometimes a vacation does help the mind.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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