Monday, May 12, 2008

May Day - Heidi's Day

Greetings Readers

Happy Birthday Heidi.

Readers - today is Heidi's birthday. Officially, I have her for seven years, but technically she is eight years old, but sat in the store for a whole year until she met me. Her one and only.

Today, I got her ready for her special day with me. Oh, she is old, but she still can ride like the wind. Not to mention that we look like the perfect couple. After work I plan to show her off to all the people in the Arapahoe/Centennial area. She is my first road bike I ever bought after high school, excluding the Motobecane that was bought at a Highlands Ranch Garage Sale in 1996.

At that time in my life 500.00 plus bones was a lot of money to spend on a bike-Heidi. It was so much to pay that I put Heidi (at that time she had no name) on layaway. Three months to pay her off. And on this very day seven years I picked up my new bike (Heidi) with the tax refund I got that year. Heidi's first weekend was done doing the Santa Fe Century.

I have to estimate that Heidi has accumulated over 50 thousand miles. She has been through many rims, one rear derailleur, ka-gillion brake pads and bike chains. Yet, I have the original crank and let me tell you readers her teeth are worn down to the nubs. Heidi is a three ring bike and her outer two rings are worn down tremendously. Some teeth are gone. I literally have to ride in the "granny" ring, but that does not matter to me since I have no reason to ride like the wind while on her. After all Heidi is eye candy. If I happen to use the outer two rings I have to be careful and keep a steady pace. No sudden takeoffs or racing speed since the chain will literally skip over the crank teeth ring and the next thing you know my crotch is crashing into the bike frame and I saying to the effect - "Fuck me" or "Son of a bitch."

I have retired Heidi, but she does get some riding time when I feel I need to show her off to the world.

One of these days I will get her fixed up, but since I have retired Heidi I have all the other bikes to keep maintained and in good condition since it is expensive to keep/upgrade all the bikes that I have.

I know readers - Sucks to be me!

Update 05/13/08 - Sorry readers - I forgot my memory card from my Digital Camera and could not upload the photos the other day. As I just stated on the previous post - Better late than never.

Until the next time.

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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