Saturday, May 10, 2008

May Day - Missing

Greetings Readers

"Where have you been" she asked me.

"I'm sorry?"

Little did I realize that there is another person that knows me on sight. I was minding my business when she started to talk to me. For the life of me she is too young for me to actually know. And two, she is too young for me to even consider to know.

Well, the low down is that she knows me from me going to the movie theatre. I do go when there are movies that I want to see, but with the rising cost of movie tickets, the popcorn and the soft drinks that two hours that costs you perhaps 20 dollars could buy you a good DVD or two DVD's on sale - or 4 DVDs in the discount bin - which in turns means unlimited playing.

Anyway, I did tell her the above reasons and also that I have to really want to see a movie, as opposed to just going to the movies. She did agree. Oh, sorry readers, she works at the movie theatre that is just up the street from me.

Then, she started talking and boy let me tell you readers she did talk. I am sure that you have heard that woman talk three times more than men. Well, she Damn near talked my fucking ear off while I was waiting for the RTD bus. I do not think I really said "yes" or "uh-huh" she just kept talking away.

The RTD bus finally came and she got in first which meant that she has to pick a seat while I load my bike onto the bike rack in front of the bus. Thankfully, she went to the back of the bus and I was able secure a seat towards the front. I think I have my share of endless woman talking for the next few days. However, if there was groaning and moaning... oops TMI. =)

Onto the next topic. I was thinking the other day and how I mentioned that I only purchase select biking jerseys that I deem to fit to wear/sport. That is still true.

However, I do not buy or endorse bike racing teams jersey. Well, okay - one teams and that is T-Mobile - the pink jerseys, the only two pink professional bike jerseys that I have in my closet. Two because in case I destroy/lose the first jersey I have I then have a back-up just in case. There are bike jerseys that are only printed for a year and then they are gone forever.

I am not sure what I am getting at, but I dislike how people categorize me into that "bike racing" rider. The person that must ride like L.A., ride with speed and must look like a bike racer. Nope. That is not me. Nor do I really care for that generalization into that category.

I am me. I wear what I want to wear and I want to look like a serious cyclist. I want to show off to the world that I am not just your everyday commuter, or wanna be cyclist. Which I do think I have attained that status presently. I also want my fellow cyclist to see my jersey and think to themselves - Damn - he paid 80.00 bones for that bike jersey! I also want them to be jealous of any/all of my bike jerseys. I want them to say "I love your bike jersey." and I want to say "Thank you."

Most of all I want to people to know how fucked up it is that my bike riding wardrobe is much more expensive than all of my other wardrobes put together in my closets. It is funny, but not funny. And that bike wardrobe occupies 1/4 of my closet space.

I do buy the bike jerseys that are in the neighborhood stores, but the way I look at it - it is common and everyone from their father to their grandmother have access to buy that jersey off the rack. Granted, the cost of the bike jersey does make them think twice about spending that much on a bike jersey when they could pick up a 40.00 to 60.00 bike jersey that the store has a contract with a manufacture to supply to all chains. In general, nothing wrong with that, but to me it is. I do shop for price too, but I also want a bike jersey thats first on the block or no one can get easily.

I actually do have to travel into Denver to three different bike shops to check if they do carry the bike jerseys that I am looking for. When the bike stores do not, then I have to resort to buying the bike jersey over the Internet. Not a problem - basically that is how I bought the three Star Wars Bike Jerseys for my birthday this year. And Damn - as far as I know I am the only bike rider sporting those particular bike jerseys in the southern part of town. Not to mention that one infamous Southpark Bike Jersey that everyone loves. I just wish that I had bought a back up of that particular jersey. Well, it is still possible, but I need to make myself buy another same jersey when there are other bike jerseys that I am saving up my pennies that I find out on the road.

Speaking of which - the 1.75 L Absolute bottle that I have on my mantle is just about full with pennies. So, I guess next week I will turn that in and see how much money there is. And perhaps I use that for a back up Southpark Bike Jersey.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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Sam H. said...

I hate it when women talk to, except when they're moaning. LOL!!!!!!!