Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May Day - Andrea's Day

Greetings Readers

Well, before I get to Andrea's day I want to address some very important and breaking news in the Tennis World. Justine Henin has officially retired - effective immediately.

I know I am saying this after the news broke, but when I saw the pictures of Henin after the Germany Open and the way that she was photographed I knew there was something "not right." I have seen Justine through out the years after losses, but for her to be photographed like she was at the German Open was odd for me to see. I did post the picture that I thought was so not Justine after losing a match.

I am very sad to see her leave immediately - today. I am choked up thinking about her retirement. Justine was not a player that I followed on a regular basis, but always wished her the best on the court. And I was also hoping that she would take down the William sisters anytime that she had to face them on the Tennis courts.

Readers, yes in the past two years a lot as happened to Justine, but I have been a Justine follower before her divorce and re-newed/reconciling family ties the past year or so.

I will miss those "squared" shoulders of her, that cap, her accent and more importantly her giving herself a hand on her tennis racket - whether winning a set or a match. Goodbye Justine - I know this retirement is for good and you may come back to tennis, but probably as an exhibition match and not as a pro - ever.

And Justine - Do not listen to that Mary Jo C. - she's so full of shit!

Now, onto Andrea.

Today is Andrea's four year old birthday. Wow, she is still prime condition with such little wear and tear. Only a couple visible scratches, otherwise her paint job is mint. No grease and/or dirty anywhere... (to be continued)

Andrea, Andrea. She was the first one that I bought that had Carbon integrated into the frame. Granted, it was only the front fork at the time. But it was nice to say that I have some Carbon Fiber in bike frame. Not to mention that the Carbon Fiber Front fork was designed to slice into the wind. Which I have to agree. It was also the first time that I noticed that the impact of bumps and what not was reduced in my handlebars. Or so I think.

ndrea was the bike that I took to the Ironman Arizona back in 1995. I bought those Red colored Pro Race 2 Michelin tires that you see on her now. I wanted a color that would offset the black and white and I think I did a pretty good job on picking red.

Andrea is also the bike that I have done four 150 miles plus rides on in one day. I just know that she is up to the task and very trust worthy in going the distance. Yet, let me be honest the weight difference between having some/any Carbon on your bike does make a difference when you are riding a long distance. Those extra pounds would/could add up after 60 miles riding. Especially so if the course is difficult.

Andrea was named after another woman I knew. Yes, past tense. She was a California blond. Enough I will say on that subject.

I really have not had to do any special maintenance to Andrea since she has hardly been out. In my book a little over two thousand miles in four years is nothing. Granted, those first three years she had under a thousand miles since that is the way I wanted to be so. Only recently when I bought Rebecca that I started to take out Andrea out more and more for rides. I am happy that I am taking Andrea out to ride, but I also want to keep her in mint condition. Which means I dare not take her out if it not going to be a sunny day.

These pictures where taken on Mother's day since I knew that Andrea's Birthday was coming up this week and I wanted some current pictures of her and of course her new dual water bottle cage I did install.

And if any of you readers looked closely you can see my ticket stub hanging from the handlebar. I wanted that ticket stub to be there - sort of like Minnie Pearl and her price tag on her hat.

And I have included her "birth certificate" to show that she has turned four years old today.

Update 05/15/08 - I am sorry Readers, Andrea was also a close out model from the previous year that I got at a clearance price. No one wanted her for a whole year. Until I saw her the following year so technically she is five years old, but celebrated being four years with me.

ntil the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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