Sunday, May 04, 2008

May Day - Sun Day

Greetings Readers

Well, It is Sunday and a sort of a Sun day

I decided to re-new my performance bicycle membership today. I am happy to say that I did use the membership pretty good this past year. I have not bought a new bike for this year, but I do have my eye set on a lower end model which I am thinking of designating a "winter bike" for this coming winter.

When I re-newed my membership I had 23.00 bones to use. Pretty cool. I decided that I was going to buy a new dual water cage holder for me. 29.00 dollars and change for this particular model.

After I got home I was pretty happy, but the bigger issue is what girl am I going to put this on? I knew where I wanted to put the dual water cage, but I really knew where I wanted the water cage. I did want to put on Rebecca since she is the newest, but after thinking that I only put 281 miles on her last year I do not think that I would getting the most use out of the water cage I bought.

I caved and decided to install her on Andrea. Well, after some hard work, not, I got the seat post off (clean the dust/dirt in the frame tube) and then installed the dual water cage and then re-installed the seat post. Wow. I can not believe how good the dual water cage looks on Andrea. I have to say this addition makes her even look more better than before. I know that the dual water cage I will be able to get use out of it on being Andrea since I have decided to use Andrea more and more this year. I think after four years it is time to start to get some miles on her.

I will get an updated picture of Andrea sporting the dual water bottle cage and get a picture posted here in the next day or so.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete.

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