Thursday, May 29, 2008

May Day - Jack's Day

Greetings Readers

o, there was our nuclear family having an early breakfast at a chain restaurant in Albuquerque on May 17. We were enjoying our first meal together on this particular stretch of the year.

And then it began "What would you like to drink?" she asks with a smile indicating that she is enjoying the waitressing this day.

"I would like a water with ice and lemon." my dad says
"I would like a water with no ice and lemon" my mom says
"I would like an Iced tea with ice, lemon and an Iced tea spoon, as long as you have an iced tea spoon" I say
"I would like an Iced tea with ice and two lemons." my brother says

Tell me readers - are your family drink (non alcoholic drinks) orders sort of like this? And you readers thought I was the unique one in the family/world. Nope. If we are being served we do want it the way we want it - sort of like Burger King's motto - "Your way, right away." And she did go over and beyond by bringing a bowl of lemons later. And yes, I did tip extra for doing that for us.

Well, as the blog title states it is... er was, Jack's Day on May 17. This is the second year birthday of my oldest bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel that I have. This was the very first bottle that I bought of Single Barrel Jack Daniels and since then I have been forever changed on how much this Jack is better than the normal "everyday" Jack. You can taste and smell the difference, well at least I can - and I do know the difference. And let me tell you Single Barrel goes down the throat so smooth. Anyway, as you can see I have hardly had any of this in the past two years. I just can not make myself to just take a drink on some special occasion since that would further dwindle the supply of this old Single Barrel that I have on hand.

And yes, I do have another bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel on stock since I do allow myself to use that supply as opposed to using the older Single Barrel bottle. This bottle also comes with a medallion around its neck. A nice touch. Also, has a wooden stopper, I think it is wooden. And overall a nice bottle design. What is better is that I do have the "everyday" Jack Daniels on hand so I do not have to touch any Single Barrel stock at all.

With the Single Barrel I have only done shots. I can not make myself to mix the Single Barrel with any other liquids. To me that would ruin the taste of Single Barrel and the reason why I bought the Single Barrel in the first place. So, when I do have to have my Jack and Coke I use the everyday Jack and I am happy with just Jack and Coke. If the everyday Jack and Coke is all that I have since birth then I do not know what I am missing by not tasting what Single Barrel Jack and Coke tastes like.

Sorry readers - I know that I have talked about this in the past, but I did want to show you readers that I do have a two year bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniels. I guess that I am bragging or more to the point stating, that I have something that you don't have. pppttthhhht (sticking tongue out)

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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