Friday, May 09, 2008

May Day - Giro d'Italia

Greetings Readers

It is that time of the year for the annual event of the Giro d'Italia in Italy. I have not talked at all about the Giro and what is going on this year with the Giro at all with you readers nor my close friends.

Interesting things have preceded the start of the Giro on Saturday 05/10/08. I am not going to re-stated them on my blog but you can Google or yahoo search on Giro d'Italia and find out what you want to know, if you desire to do so.

I have posted the logo and the map this year. I see that the race starts on the island of Sicily. I also saw the team roster and I am pretty impressed on who's riding. I really could care less on who is not riding, unless he got banned before the start of this year's Giro.

I do not have a rider picked out for this year, as of yet. I do have to be honest that I have not really followed biking since the beginning of the year. I do not know who has excelled and who has not. I do not know who is currently on suspension or banned. All these questions I have, but I honestly do not have an answer for you readers at all this year.

The Giro, in my opinion, is a very good event to pay attention to. Granted, it is early in the year, but you get to see the riders in true form and their loyalty to cycling. More often than not there are riders who skip the Giro and state they can not ride in the Giro, because they are training for the le Tour de France. A valid reason, but in my opinion, a bullshit excuse. I do not have to mention any names, but if you look deep you can see some interesting things.

And the Giro is tough, in my opinion.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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