Wednesday, May 07, 2008

May Day - Rain Day

Greetings Readers

I was awake about 4:30 AM and I was laying on my bed watching the night sky get lit up with flashes of lightening outside my bed window. I was also waiting for the sound of rolling thunder happening in my part of the urban city.

As Pink Floyd once printed - A Delicate Sound of Thunder.

I even opened the window about two inches so I could hear the sound of thunder more clearly. The rolling thunder was more predominant in my mind since I had closed my eyes just to listen to the falling steady rain and the long rolling thunder happening outside my window. I would estimate the rolling thunder was about 5 to 10 seconds long in duration.

I have to admit every once in a while I appreciate being home, inside, in bed and nothing to think about at all. A serene moment. Just enjoying the moment.

So there I lay, I turned off the radio and I did not even bother turning on the TV to listen to the news. I just wanted to enjoy the morning and how the day starting on the day of my brother's Birthday. So...

Happy Birthday Brother.

As you readers now can see I have record of this day that I did say Happy Birthday, even though I am not going to call him up. Though, I have decided to buy him a mini-Ipod since I think I have swayed him with my Ipods that bring down on vacation and show him. 50.00 bones and I do not think that is too much of a cost to give up.

With the steady rain in part of town I decided to ride though I kept the riding to a minimum. Meaning, I took light rail in to work - part of the way. Though, my bike shorts still got soaked, as well as my bandanna, my glasses were to watery to wear anymore and my socks were soaked. Yet, I knew all this was expected so there was no reason to be surprised. I did wear fingered biking gloves. I did not know if the wind was blowing since I did not watch the morning news. When the wind blows a bit and there is rain, fingerless biking gloves, wind and rain do not mix. My fingers are usually red when I get inside from biking.

Spoiler alert for Grand Theft Auto IV - This weekend I happen to walking around (in the gaming world) when I hear a pigeon cooing, or at that moment, some bird. By this time, I had a few guns and I was trigger happy. I decided I was going to shoot that bird. I got the weapon out, took aim - bang. Wow! Seeing a pigeon get blown to feathers was pretty incredible to see on the Playstation 3 console. I am pretty sure that if this was on the Playstation 2 console there would not be the same effect of a pigeon being blown to just feathers. What I mean, I was pretty impressed how there was just a ball of feathers left after shooting the pigeon off the ledge (not to mention computerized blood). I know this is something unusual to point out, but I am pretty impressed that some designer took the Playstation 3 computing power and put some detail into a pigeon being blown to feathers after being shot.

As Elmer Fudd might have said "be wery, wery quiet I'm huntin' pigeons." I have 194 to go.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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