Thursday, May 08, 2008

May Day - Smoking Hot

Greetings Readers

Sorry readers, I know that I have pictured and mentioned her in the past, but I did see her this morning on FitTV and boy oh boy I forgot how much I desire someone like her. I guess she is sort of my ideal mate (based on looks though). Anyway, a shameless plug for the show Namaste and Lily Goncalves. Granted, in this picture Lily is covered up, but she has the blond hair going on, the big old smile and just her looks. Again, this is only my opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Though, I have to admit that is the only reason why and will do some Namaste.

Someone like her would not even have to ask me twice to do something for her. Oh yes, readers I am laughing at myself. I know that I have probably mentioned that I do not compromise doing this for that, but in someone like her I would probably not even question "why should I?!" Alright, I better let this topic go, before I get myself deep in a hole that I can not get out of.

It is so nice that I do not have to wear my Nautica top under my biking jersey these mornings. Granted, the air is about 45 degrees in the morning and the first cranks of the bike I am cool/cold. Yet, I know that in about a mile I will be warm from the blood flow coursing through my body. Not to mention the Sun shining her ever so warming morning rays upon my taunt, muscled thighs. Hah hah.

Anyway, the only drawback is playing Russian Roulette with the weather. Sunny in the morning, definitely does not mean Sunny in the afternoon. With no wind breaker it is just a thin layer of Lycra and cotton to my body. Yet, most of the time when it is time to go home from work I could care less about getting soaked. Matter of fact, I do not blame nor have the right to get angry since I chose in the morning not to wear/bring a windbreaker for the evening rain showers.

I am cold, teeth chattering, sand/dirt plastered against my legs and face, fingers stiff turning red from the chilly rain and wind during the Spring March/April showers. But as soon as I get home I peel everything off at the front door and make a bee line to the bathroom for a shower - a hot shower. Oh yes, that is such a reward for my suffering I did upon myself for not bringing a wind breaker.

I know I could "wad" or "pack tightly" a wind breaker, but alas I do not want to. Also, this is not an every time sort of thing. There are some days that I am no mood to be miserable so I dress to the "T" - Windbreaker, multiple bandannas, covered fingered biking gloves, multiple layers of clothing and my mood (my "Don't Fuck with me" mood) to keep me dry.

As you may have surmised - the snow has hopefully stopped for the winter, but no guarantee, but that means rain showers. I love the rain, but the early spring rain showers are cold to bear. I literally put myself through hell biking this time of the year since I do not want to carry a lot of clothing.

Which I find strange. During the winter, I do not have to worry about bringing an extra pair of clothing to wear on my ride home from work. Every day I wear my cycling clothing and then I bring my work clothes in my bag. Snow usually gets patted off and the clothes are minimally wet (except socks - those socks get soaked year round)

Yet, during the rainy season. I have to bring three sets of clothing with me. Soaked clothes do not dry out in time for me when I am at the end of the work day ready to go home. I loathe pulling on wet clothes. It is just so cold, wet, and miserable for me to do. I know that it may be raining still when I leave work and the clothes that have not dried out will get wet once more, but I want to be less miserable than I have to be. And wet clothes do not go on without stretching and pulling your clothes here and there over your body.

Oh, a bit of free knowledge - do not wear any white underwear if you are going to be riding through the rain. The combination of rain, the dirt/sand mixing into the soaking of your clothes will forever stain them. And I hate to say this, but it looks like a "Skid mark." Oh yes, I tried, bleach, detergent with bleach, stain removers, marker removers, Shout, etc yet there is just a very light mark on where the water stain is. Oh this happened years and years ago, but as you can read I can still remember as if this was yesterday.

I also have to keep my dry clothes in those supermarket plastic bags. If there is a heavy down pour or steady falling rain then my biking bag will get soaked and then eventually my all my clothes will be wet.

By the way, you daily commuters, put your papers and all other stuff in Zip Lock bags to keep them dry. Learn from this guy who has learned from not doing this way back in the day and cursed the biking gods in anger.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athletes

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