Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May Day - Presents Day

Greetings Readers

Well, well, well, I am still beat (tired), but I am almost back into the "grind" of city life and getting back to the world of Finance. I did have a nice 10 day break from the business world and it was a great welcome to have that. Yet, getting back into the routine is taking some hard adjustments on my part.

Everyone, loves my tan and my Raccoon eyes. From my Oakleys, of course. Oh yes, I got some sun, I got some wind and I got more sun. Matter of fact, I guess I will post a picture that hopefully shows my raccoon eyes. Another Matter of fact, I am going to imitate a picture pose I saw on a blog in the past month or so - minus the helmet. =)

Now, let me flashback to yesterday when I got into work. I saw two packages on my desk and I immediately knew what they were. My bike tires and my bike jerseys! Oh yes, I finally got them and I got the new yellow tires installed on Rebecca last night. Fucking hot! Hah hah. Oh yeah, one might say they are like 5 inch red high heels and how sexy those are on a woman. Ooh baby.

The Blue tires I am still trying to decide what woman I want to install the new tires on.

Then, the two bike jerseys that I ordered also came. Fucking Popeye the Sailor Man and a new (well new to me) Fucking Southpark Jersey.

I do have to admit that the Popeye the Sailor man bike jersey actually looks pretty nice. Even so nice with my... as my ex-co-worker would say... "Awesome" tan I got going. No, really I did not think that I would like the bike jersey, but when I actually opened the bag up I was pretty impressed with the colors and Popeye of course. I think it says "strong to the finish" which I would say is a motto that I could use in the future. The jersey is well designed and not too busy nor too corny looking. Just perfect.

Then, there is the Southpark Jersey. If you are the faithful reader of my blog, then you know that this bike jersey was a must buy and had to have in my collection. I had to search high and low for this bike jersey and when I called up a vendor to see if they possibly had a size large, even though the website indicated that they did not, they did. I jumped and said I want the jersey. The new Southpark jersey is green and has the infamous four kids and this time the saying is "Quit your Bitchin." My fucking new motto for the new season. Just "Quick your bitchin" and get over it. I love it and of course today I wore the new Southpark bike jersey to work.

By the way readers - I can not believe that I have almost spent half a grand on bike jerseys this year. I usually by one bike jersey a year, but somehow this year someone is making the bike jerseys that I desire. A must buy.

The yellow tires, er the Michelin ProRace2 tires, look hot on Rebecca. The yellow contrast to the black bike is perfect. Not to mention it just draws the eyes to me, which I just love. You know me readers I love to get the attention when I am on my bike. And yes, I also rode Rebecca to work since I wanted to show her brand new yellow tires. And here is the sad part (or fucked up part depending on how you may interpret this) before I go to bed tonight I will wipe clean the tires since dirt shows up more prominently on Yellow. Yep, going to get the Orange Goo out from under the sink and have myself "a wiping clean Rebecca's tires party." I got to make sure that those tires look just as beautiful as the day I got them.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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