Friday, May 02, 2008

May Day - I "Crashed..."

Greetings Readers

I "crashed" yesterday afternoon/evening After being awake for most of the past two days (due to Grand Theft Auto IV) I was literally tired, very tired. I went home made some Uncle Ben's Rice and ate the last of my ribs I barbecue the night before and settled down to watch a show. That did not happen. I laid down on the couch about 7 PM or so and then next thing I know it is 5 AM. I guess I was pretty strung out.

Today, I have a picture of the infamous blue Michelin tire that is causing all the bike flats in the past two weeks. As you may surmise I did have another bike flat and I decided what the hell I might as well take a picture and show what the grandiose Pro Race 2 tire to my readers.

As you may see (or not). I am not sure if you can see the hole in the tire that is covered up my rubber patched from the inside of the tube. Oh yes readers, I used what ever I can use to cover up the hole(s) in the tire(s). I will not let one little hole stop me and say hey I need a new tire. No way. So, I decided to take four rubber bike patches and I then rubber cemented them inside of the tube. I have to say that I did a pretty darn good job. Also, with the patches on the tube I was able to align the bike tube patched to the patches on the inside of the tire, which in turn is even better.

There are four more smaller holes and one "nice" hole on the sidewall of the tire that is causing me the grief most of the time these days. The portion of the tire that is picture is pretty well what the overall tire condition is in. Not a pretty site, but looking ever so supple and used. The mark of cyclist who has some pretty fucked up views on using tires to the maximum usage.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete.

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Jared said...

Wow, that tire is way, way, way past it's prime! I think you needed new tires 2k miles ago!