Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Greetings Readers

Well, I guess I need to a re-cap of some the things that I have done this past week or so.

I did go to the National Western Stock Show a couple of Saturday’s ago. The weather was perfect and I decided to take a couple of buses down to the stock Show. I had thought about taking my bike down, but I wanted not to worry about my bike and what sort of clothes to wear. So, with that in my mind, I had to take a couple of buses and then walk about 8 blocks to the Stock Show through “the Barrio.” I walked tall, with confidence and perhaps more importantly - in the morning.

Soon I reached the Stock Show and I was getting my General admission ticket. Already there were long lines to the booth to purchase tickets.

The stock show was already packed at 11:00 AM in the morning. I knew where I wanted to go first, but I made a beeline to the booth that I usually get my Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade. Sure enough there were the other Jack Daniels – Single Barrel, Gentleman’s Jack and just the regular Jack Daniels. And the only choice of pop was Pepsi. As I said last year that is just fucked up. No one should forced to be drink Jack and Pepsi when everyone knows that Jack only goes with Coca-Cola. Suffice to say I will not be ordering any Jack that I have to drink Pepsi with. So be it I can drink Lynchburg Lemonade and be okay with that.

I then made myself walk around the expo as opposed making a beeline to the Jack Daniel’s Merchandise booth. I knew where it was probably going to be and I brought enough money to buy anything I wanted to buy. Actually I have been saving all year for this one day of the year that I buy Jack Daniel’s merchandise.

I hate to say it was only about 30 minutes later when I reached the Jack Daniel’s Merchandise booth. Of course I was in awe. I saw a lot of stuff and I saw the same girl from last year that helped me when I was buying merchandise. She did not recognized me, which I am sure she would not since she probably sees thousands of people for three weeks each day. I would have to say that she kind of cute and would not mind knowing her, but my chances are so low it is not even worth trying.

In the end, I bought 4 Jack Daniel’s bar mats, a shirt, 2 Bandanna’s, 2 Jack Daniel’s caps and a Jack Daniel’s metal Jigger. I spent about $ 130.00, which was way under what I was expecting, but I think that was due to me not really buying anything new. I made small talk with her and told her that I remember her from last year. Nothing. And that was that.

I also went to the Coor’s Merchandise booth, but there was nothing really that caught my eye. Last year I bought a Coor’s wall Bottle opener and an Anklet for a future girl friend I decide to give this to.

I went to the PBR Merchandise booth near the main arena and bought a couple of large PBR stickers. Their selection was not even good, so I just bought those two PBR stickers and commented on how the selection was poor.

About 15 minutes later it was time to eat. I was thinking about going to the booth near the stockyards where I ate, but I wanted to try something new. I was thinking about the two booths between the main arena building and the expo building. One booth has barbeque of all sorts and the other offers pizza and a large sausage.

The barbeque was what I wanted, but the presentation that I saw did not look good. It looked like something from a cheap place that would serve that. The sauce looked watery and thin. Uh-huh. No way.

I walked to the Sausage place and decided I am going to have delicious looking large sausage. After all I love hot dogs from time to time and who does not like bratsworth sausage?

Five minutes later sitting on the stairs and munching on the sausage – it was not worth the eight dollars I spent. Yes, it was good sausage, but that was that. It was spicy, but only from the Jalapenos seeds that were in the sausage. I ate about 7/8 of the sausage, and then threw the rest away.

I decided to go and get my pork chop on a stick. After all, years ago I know that is something I enjoyed. Sure enough the pork chop was good and surprising enough I ate the whole thing, even after eating almost that large sausage.

I did take a picture of the area that I was sitting at while eating my pork chop. There was this guy who job was to keep the regular people on the north side of the walkway and keep the south side of the walkway just for cattle that is being walked from the stock show area to the stockyards or vice versa. Some of you Readers would call me rude, but from what I saw for about 30 minutes there are ruder people than me. I lost count on how many people, young people, would walk under the rope that separates the walkway in half. Would I have done that? No. After being a part time cowboy and also a loyal National Western Stock Show supporter I have no reason to be rude and cross under the rope just to walk on the other side where you are not suppose to walk.

After that I took in a few free shows and walked underneath the expo to see the different cattle and then called it day.

I did have a great time. No great hot looking women caught my eye, but I saw a few with nice faces. Body wise, nothing to really write about.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday I bought a new bike. A new Mountain bike. GT Avalanche 2.0. I have named her Lily after the woman I lust for in the mornings on the show I try to watch each morning. Lily is blue with white here and there. Can you believe that I actually bought a Mountain bike?! Me? A Mountain bike. Who knew? Yet, I think it was because I enjoyed my $ 25.00 garage sale mountain bike from two years. Unfortunately, last year something stripped and I had to total out the bike since replacing the bike part would cost more than what I bought the bike for.

Now, days later and with some mud on the bike I can now see why Mountain Biking and mud all over you go hand in hand. Saturday I was able to ride in a park area that had mud. With the snow melting with the warm weather this past week I was riding in an area that was going to be muddy. At first I did not want to get Lily muddy, but then I thought what the fuck. Between Wednesday and Saturday I have been trying to keep Lily clean. After all she is brand new. But when I started riding through the muddy area a feeling came through. I was pretty excited about riding through mud. After all I cannot ride through mud especially on a road bike.

Getting muddy was a new experience for me and any bike I own. I smiled and then rode through some grass in order to get some of the mud off the tires. In the past few days I have rode off curbs and did jump some two-foot jumps. I also was able to ride up a side of a hill (and down) and also jump up from the street onto the sidewalk from the curb. Pretty fucking cool since I cannot do that on road bike.

The only thing right now that I hate is the small crank. I am not used to a 42 teeth crank. After all Readers, I ride in large crank ring and pushing the hard gear rings on a ride bike. With Lily I have been riding in the big ring, but I have not been able to ride the same way as I do on a road bike. I feel like I am doing twice, if not, three times the amount of pedaling on a Mountain bike as opposed to a road bike. I love the shocks. And I have to say I like the disc brakes on the Mountain bike. Although, I asked for the cost of disc brakes and it seems that is going to be an expensive part to replace when it goes out. The guy says a decent replacement is going to cost me $ 80.00 to begin with.

I have been riding Lily since Wednesday and I have to say right now I am really enjoying riding Lily. Did you know that I saw one of those hub cabs on the sidewalks and I rode over that hub cab on the sidewalk? If I was riding my road bike I would have ridden around the hub cab, but on the Mountain bike I rode over the hub cab and split the hubcap into three large pieces. I have to say that it felt good.

I am out of breath when I get to work and that is because of the extra pedal strokes I am doing. Do I mind? Yes, but I knew that this was expected so there is no reason to complain. After all having a Mountain bike you do Mountain bike riding and most likely need easy gears to do Mountain bike riding. Whether going up the mountain or down the mountain.

Oh Readers, I have won three bets in the past month and I was able finally to collect, even though I was no hurry. My friend and I made a trip to the liquor store this past Friday and I was able to cash in my winnings. 9 bottles of beers. Boo yah! I got a six-pack of victory beer and then three different bottles of beer at Lukas Liquors. And I also bought me a six-pack of Winterhook beer from Redhook. Let me tell you Readers, I had to leave some work clothes at work since I had no room in my backpack to take all the stuff I needed to take home. I thought about leaving some beer at work, but I have to admit I wanted to take the entire beer home. Fuck my clothes.

I did not get to see my Qdoba girl this past Friday. I have to admit that I had a couple of beers while going home and I knew that I was not going to repeat the incident I had a few months ago after consuming alcohol before seeing my Qdoba girl.

Oh Readers, on Thursday I saw Mike and he saw me. I asked what was up and he told me that he had twenty dollars. I knew that he probably wanted me to go to the store. With me being me and not “the rudest person ever known” I told Mike give me about 10 minutes and I can go to the store for him.

10 minutes later I arrived at his humble abode and he told me what he wanted – 8 piece chicken dinner, 3 Diet Mountain Dew two liters, 2 frozen Totino’s pizzas and 2 pop tarts. I said no problem. After all I may be rude sometimes, but at least I make up for it by helping out others in need. How many of Readers do that? Specifically, to the Readers that call me rudest person ever known. You never tell us Readers of your good deeds that help the needy. Helping out at the DNC is not really a good deed, so forget about mentioning that. You are helping out a “party” and not a person in need. If you can tell me of a good deed in the past week please tell me, otherwise look in the mirror and see if you can see inside yourself and decide whether or not you are selfish and call people “rude” when yourself you are ruder than me for not doing anything for anyone besides yourself.

And tipping a waiter or barrister at Starbucks is not a good deed in my book, unless you tipped more than 25 percent, then perhaps I will accept that as a good deed.

Today is the start of the Lunar New Year – Year of the Ox. I did buy some stamps of the New Year and they are, in my ex-co-workers words, “just so awesome.” You faithful Readers know that I collect and follow the Chinese New Year Stamps that are issued each year. I guess, I can take a picture and show you Readers the new commemorative stamp offered by the USPS.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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