Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Australian Open 2009 - Day 4

Greetings Readers

Oh my, oh my - "She Out!" Boo yah. Now, the Australian Open 2009 has truly begun.

The timer went off this morning and I was able to awake myself from going to sleep for about two hours. I wanted to see the two night matches Live at Rod Laver Arena. To say the least I was not disappointed.

I was able to shut off the timer and then turn up the volume on the stereo so I can hear the match of V. Williams vs. Carla Suarez Navarro. I would estimate that I was about 20 minutes into the match when I started to hear, really hear, that the match was getting good and the crowd was coming alive. I turned on the TV and I soon saw the two women battling on the court.

I saw this young white little woman on the opposite side of Venus and I did not have a clue, at the time who she was. Of course, now I know all about her - Carla Suarez Navarro. Twenty years old, from Spain and taking the play to Venus in Rod Laver Arena.

Perhaps at the beginning of the match Carla was getting warmed up and not to mention this is a new opponent that Venus does not know.

Towards the end, I was trying not to yell too loudly, but at 4:02 AM (Mountain Time) I pumped my fist, smiled, yelled "yes!"

Standing proud on the opposite side of the court was a smiling short, petite young woman who just upset Venus Williams at the Australian Open. Readers, I have made it no secret that I do not care for the Williams sisters and so to see one (or them) get eliminated is something I like. Meaning, the players that I am rooting for gets to advance further into the tournament.

And two, it shuts up those so bias announcers rooting for either Williams before the tournament starts. There are other players out there who deserve a chance to win and be talked about. After all, the tennis world is better and more importantly getting older for Serena and Venus.

When Carla won that match, she smiled, sort of pumped her first, but I think she was just so happy in the moment to take down Venus. Fuck it, we all would be happy to take down a top seeded player if we were not seeded in a tournament.

And my thinking - literally Carla was a "giant killer" like a female version of David and Goliath if there was ever one.

Since I was happy Carla won it was now time to watch the Brit - Andy Murray.

Holy shit what happened in the past five months? Andy Murray fucking looks like a well oiled machine. He's changed since last year and he looks like someone to watch out for. I really was impressed with the entire match this morning (our morning). Though again, he had a bit of a rough start when the match started, but perhaps that just him getting used to the court, and the player he was playing. Murray's match was over at about 6:00 AM Mountain Time. Easy put away for him.

Before coming to work I stopped by the store and bought some Lipton Pure Leaf Iced Tea. When I got to work I gave five of my closest Tennis watchers a drink on me. Wasn't that nice of me?

P.S. What kind of pissed me off was the post press conference. They showed Venus, but not Carla. Why? Then when referring to the match throughout the remaining time the Australian Open was on TV it was labelled "Venus Highlights" when in fact the highlights should have reference both players since it showed equal time on Venus and Carla. And then there is Pam, suggesting that Venus was not at 100% healthy and perhaps it was something else. When in fact, Venus just got beat - Get over it - praise Carla and stop talking about the Loser of the match. After all Pam, you are an American and knowing you from what I see on TV you talk about the winners and hardly the losers if they are not seeded (or ranked.)

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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