Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Carwash Memory with Dad

Greetings Readers

Toyota Tundra. That is the new vehicle that my parents purchased about two weeks ago. And already the truck has traveled to Flagstaff and Denver from our Ranch in New Mexico.

The color is Maroon and it is a 2008 model. This is the second time that our family has owned a Toyota vehicle. Back in the 1980’s we owned a white Toyota pickup, but we got into an accident while on vacation. It was snowy and slippery. That was the accident that I chipped my collarbone and to this day if I move my arm a certain way I can feel what happened to my collarbone in that accident. If I remember correctly, we hit a pretty deep pothole that was covered by the snow on a road that is not plowed. Unfortunately, we were approaching a turn so when hit the pothole we fishtailed the Toyota and then slid into the corner and off into the gulch on the side of the road. I guess our heads hit the windshield, but none of us remember. Yet, we came out okay. We flipped (rolled) the truck and soon learned that we totaled the Toyota out. I cannot remember if we landed on the wheels, the side of truck or upside down. The accident was so quick and perhaps I was young at the time I just remember the fish tailing and then silence as we came to a stop. No screaming from any of us, just climbing out the cab and then flagging down a passing vehicle on a road in the middle of no where.

Wow, some things I have not thought about until I saw the new Toyota and remembered our first Toyota we had.

The new vehicle looks good. Sort of reminds me of a tank. It has that army look of a tank. Not the Toyota that I remember from the past.

Now, this is where I tell you Readers that my father and me had our moment when he was here in Denver.

My mom wanted the truck washed so we stopped at a local car wash that is near where I live. It was assumed that my Dad was going to wash the truck by himself, but I thought that washing the big truck in as little as time possible was not going to be possible. Unless we wanted to spend more money than it should cost.

About five seconds after my Dad got out of the truck I also got out and ran to him as he walking to the change machine. I asked him what he was going to spend. He said 3.00 for 4 minutes, if I remember correctly. I asked him a question “Do you think that is enough time?”

“What do you think?” he asks me in return.

I think that we should spend four dollars for 6 minutes (if I remember correctly).


Soon Dad had the spray wand and I dropped the change into the machine and we were off.”

Meanwhile, I grabbed the brush wand and got ready for my part in the car wash.

I called out the time remaining every 30 seconds. At four minutes my Dad had rushed around the entire vehicle and then he said “your turn”

I switched to the foam brush at Four minutes left and allotted myself 2 minutes to entirely scrub the Tundra down. Of course, the brush wand did not start to foam up until 15 seconds after turning to the foam brush selection.

I hurried and I did not realize how fast the seconds started to tick away. My Dad was calling the time out to me and we agreed that he would rinse off starting at two minutes left.

I scrubbed the sides, the front and the top of the truck.

When the two-minute mark hit my Dad switched to rinse and then I used the remaining the foam on the brush to wash down the tires. I called out once more every thirty seconds until the one minute mark when I called out every 15 seconds.

We were like butter and toast we moved in sync and moved like we had a purpose.

When the time was up at the car wash I looked at my Dad and then the truck. We did a good job.

Oh yes. That was the moment I can truly remember and cherish until the end of my days about my Dad coming up this January in 2009.

This event may not seem big to you Readers, but to me this will last a lifetime.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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