Monday, January 19, 2009

The Australian Open 2009 - Day 1

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You loyal Tennis Fans, especially of the Australian Open, You do Remember Tipsarevic from last year?! His picture is posted first.


If there was a match to sum up the Australian Open it would be the Epic Tennis battle on the First Friday (In the United States) that we saw two warriors take the stage under the Tennis lights of Melbourne's Australian Open. Note: this match does not over see the emotional match of Bagdahtis vs. Hewlitt last year, which to me was the match of the tournament.

He gave Roger a run for his advancement in the tournament and nearly, nearly, dethroned the number one player in the world, at that time.


Day One has finished and now we American in the United States are waiting for 7 PM Mountain time for Day Two - LIVE coverage to begin.

Yesterday was an okay day and I would have to say it was good. Aussie Ana had me worried and it pained me to see her serving toss suck. And it sucked big time. In the end Ana pulled the win, but I am going to have to say she better get into form or else she will be going out of the tournament pretty early.

Now, onto the unknown seed, to us Americans anyway. An Aussie to boot, which Melbourne will love to support in the Australian Open. Unfortunately, we viewers did not get to see this match. Though the camera crews were able to get a camera over to the court towards the end of the match.

Bernard Tomic - 16 years old. That picture says it all. He won. And I liked how he won. Though, in the grand scheme of things he barely pulled the win out so I can not fully support him advancing to the next round. Yet, his next opponent did play a four and a half tennis match so Tomic does have that for him. Meaning his opponent has played longer than him. I do root for the underdog so I do hope that he does advance to the next round.

Bad news? Good news? I do not know and it does not matter to me, but many American players were eliminated on the first day of play at the Australian Open.

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