Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Australian Open 2009 - Day 2

Greetings Readers

"Come on!"

And you faithful Tennis watchers know who says that phrase and technically who started those two words in Professional Tennis play.

After all, when he started saying this years ago many thought that he was being rude. In reality, he was saying that to himself to get himself pumped up and to keep his play the way he wanted to play.

Many people in the beginning thought that was "rude." Many people thought they knew him and assumed that he was being rude.

Yet, after a bit it later revealed that Mr. Hewitt was saying that to himself, even though he yelled those two words out with the arm raised and all fingers pointed at his face. There was never any finger pointing at the opposite side of the court to his opponent.

Here we are the year is 2009 and now we faithful Hewitt fans expect and want to hear those two words yelled "Come on!" with Hewitt's cap turned backwards on his head, arm raised in the pose with his fingers pointing to his face after winning a point (and perhaps the match.)

Welcome Readers Day Two - Not a day for me really to say much or had any desire to watch. I do not care for the Williams sisters, Nadal or any American player for that matter. But there were a couple of matches that I wanted to see - Amelie Mauresmo, Andy Murray (and hear his roar and see him flex his Biceps after winning like last year - oh yeah that's just what I might have done), and of course I want to see the "Monfils's shuffle" like he did at the US Open this past year after winning his match.

And you loyal Tennis followers have to wonder why Americans are not really followed. A few are good players - the Williams sisters, yet the others are not. Most are arrogant and perhaps that is because of general way Americans are seen (and I do not disagree.)

Hewitt - "Come on"
Safin - His Anger and Tantrums are what we like and expect to see
Santoro - his playing even though he knows he's over the hill, but give 100% play
Ivanovic - so Sweet and humble (unlike the William Sisters)
Federer - Earning his place among the elite Tennis players in history
Bagdahtis - becoming a fan favorite

as so goes the list.

As you can sort of read each of those Non-Americans have personality of something. Whereas the Americans I am going to list a few.

Roddick - give poor, poor post game interviews, pains for me to watch him being him.
S. Williams - "I am good and your not", but not literally said that way by her.
Fish - nothing really to say
Ginepri - friend of James Blake
Blake - I would have to admit the nicest American player out playing.
Scoville Jenkins - Young, up and coming player still new to the ATP so not arrogant yet and enjoys playing tennis. Go for it and keep it up.

Anyway, I think there were two upsets, but really only one and that would be Radawanska.

Otherwise, so far so good for the Australian Open.

By the way Readers it was hard to watch the Gonzo vs Hewitt match. Two years ago, Gonzo (oops Readers that is his nickname his real name is Fernando Gonzalez) was someone who met Hewitt in the semi finals if I remember correctly and I thought who in fuck was this guy. Arrogant and taunting the crowd since the crowd was for Hewitt since he is Australian. Now, Gonzo has made himself a present and earned the respect of me and a few others. So, when I saw that these two were going to do battle I did not know who to root for.

In the end I wanted Hewitt to advance since this is really his home country's Grand Slam tournament, but I think it was of injuries, a recent surgery and just getting old that Hewitt lost to Gonzo. Who knows readers this could be his last year if his hip does not heal, mend good. With that that is why I put Hewitt's picture on today's post.

"Come On!"

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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