Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us

Greetings Readers

Another year and "one day closer to death". As I state every year from that Pink Floyd song.

My parents were able come up from the Ranch and visit me for a few days. More specifically to celebrate the birthdays of me and my Mother this month. And also to go and see the National Western Stock Show.

I guess this I will not be able to go out and visit the bars and get some free shots and try to remember how I got home. Hah hah. I was doing good last year until the last place I went to. Thankfully, I was on foot and was only about a mile away from the place I drank the last drinks of my birthday. And no, I did not desire that, but it is that one say of the year and if I happen to get women bartenders I tend to get birthday shots =). No I am not handsome, but cute. Well, cute enough and able to talk a free drink/shot from a bartender

Getting back to the birthday. Most of the time, as a family, we tend to have a birthday dinner. This time around we decided to go and have Sunday Brunch. The Brunch was decided by my Mother and we decided to go to the Fresh Fish Company in Denver. Not a problem for me since it is an all you can eat brunch for about 24 dollars a piece. I am not worried about the price, but I am worried about the all you can eat crab legs they offer at brunch.

Oh yes, I make sure that I have an empty stomach so I can dine just on the Crab legs. They are are not King Crab Legs, but crab legs never-the-less.

About an hour and quarter later that was when the excitement happened. I was not sitting in a spot to see what happen, but sure as hell I heard the aftermath. Apparently, someone fell, fainted, slipped, who knows, but the next thing you know there is a person on the floor. At the time it happened we did not know if it was a man or woman. We could see the person on the floor and see that the person's chest is still moving up and down.

My parents had the view, but did not see what happened either. So there I was sitting across them mouthing silently "what happened? where? Did you see?" I wanted to be just like all the other gawkers, but I did not want to add to the event that was happening near us.

Boy oh boy the section of the restaurant fell silent pretty quickly and thankfully our breakfast was over. I feel bad for the people who might have just started eating. Or I feel bad for the people who were seated next to the table that the person who was on the floor was at. I even felt kind of bad for the manager that was on duty and what perhaps she was thinking happened.

And I guess that would be the excitement of me and mom's birthday. Yet, the other excitement would be shopping and spending the entire day doing it.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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