Saturday, October 11, 2008

Qdoba girl on a Friday

Greetings Readers

After a long day and a long week I was able to leave work a bit early on Friday.

With that in mind I decided to go to the liquor store and then make a visit to Qdoba’s.

Though I was getting tired of going to Qdoba’s almost every three days since seeing Debbie again. To tell you the truth this is costing me some money, but do not get me wrong Readers - Debbie is worth every cent I have spent at Qdoba’s since seeing her. Matter of fact, I have no problem spending the money at Qdoba’s, but without seeing Debbie I am not getting any return on my spending my hard earned cash as Qdoba’s.

I have bought Ground sirloin burritos, steak burritos, 3 tacos and many chips and salsa since seeing Debbie. But since seeing Debbie I have not seen her. And now I think that the people that I know at my Qdoba’s probably think I have fucking flipped out for Qdoba’s.

Though something tells me that all those people know at Qdoba’s know I am trying to see Debbie since I see a smile and a sort of a “too bad Debbie is not here” look. Not a pity look, but just a too bad look. I could just go into Qdoba’s look and see if Debbie is there, but that is not my nature to just look and leave without purchasing something.

Anyway, I have been trying to finish the food I have been buying at my Qdoba’s I frequent, but more often than not I eat half and then throw the rest away. I know that goes against my nature of wasting food, but I am getting tired of eating Qdoba’s week after week.

Friday, I go into Qdoba’s and see that it is hardly busy at quitin’ time – about 5:00 P.M.
And then I see her – Debbie. Helping a customer and then she looks directly at me and sees that it is me. I try to casually walk up to the line without looking again at her. Yet, out of the corner of my eye I see her glancing at me - twice. I made no move to notice her looking at me.

Oh Readers – Debbie looked good. Hair tied back in a nice pony tail, a dark blue polo shirt and just looking oh so fucking beautiful, to me in my humble opinion.

Since she was helping a customer in front of me I had another employee help me that I knew from previous visits. I am not sure if I played what I was doing right, but I made sure not to look at Debbie until she came over/acknowledge me. I was giving my order to the other person helping me when I can see out of the corner of my eye that Debbie went to the back of the store. I was kind of worried that she took off from the front of the store. Then, about 20 seconds later…

“Hi, How are you?” she asks me in her sweet voice.

I look at her head on and say “good, good”

“I haven’t seen you in a while.”

I say, “I know”

She asks “Anything else?”

“Chips and salsa – Hot” and then I ask, “How are you?”

She immediately replies “Busy. My sister is getting married this weekend. You know her. She stills works at the other store on #########.”

Meanwhile, I look directly into her eyes when she looks at me while talking about this and then she is the one to break eye contact.

“And then I have to go to training next week.”

“Really? Where?”

Readers forgive me. She leaned over to get my chips underneath the tabletop and she showed me her deep cleavage that was showing through the open top of her polo shirt. Wow. I know that this is shallow, but I could not stop looking down at her cleavage. Was this on purpose? Did she go back into the back of the store to un-button her shirt since she knew that I was going to order chips and salsa? In her way, was this flirting? Or did I get a view by luck? I do not know. I am not really a breast person (meaning that is a number one thing I look for in women), but what I sort of saw I was in trance. The bra underneath her polo shirt did her justice on her cleavage that I saw from across her. I know it was only 15 seconds or so, but I felt that I was looking for a long time. I noticed that dark freckle on her left breast.

She eventually came back up and I looked at her directly in the eyes without giving away that I was looking down her polo shirt. Or did Debbie know that I was looking down her shirt? Did she plan this view for me?

“Where?” I ask once more.

She responded “Delaware”, I think she said this Readers, since I was not really listening. I know I was staring and I can still remember what I saw and not what she actually answered when I asked my question of her.

“Wow. How long?"

“For a few days.”

“You’re that important?” I say while looking directly into her eyes.


“You’re that important? I ask and see her eyes widen. And yes Readers, I noticed her beautiful eyes staring back into my eyes.

“I guess so” she smiles and then takes my money.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember what was said next so we have to skip to later…

“I will see you next time.” She says

At this point I decided to play a bit coy “You will?”

“Well…” she starts saying and then we look directly at each other “I guess that will depend on you” and she drops her eyes from my gaze "Since it is up to you to come and see me again” with a smile on her face, but still not looking at me.

Oh yeah I though to myself. Debbie has to be interested in me.

She gives me my change and then I lean in and look directly at her “Debbie right?”

She smiles pretty big “Ah, you remembered”

I say to her “I’m Daryl”

And then I say have a nice trip and wave good-bye to her.

Oh Readers, this will make my fucking weekend. Nothing can top that encounter this weekend. This made Debbie that much more desirable to me and I think that she was giving me the signs to ask her out. I hope.

Update 10/12/08I looked for the post-it note that I had written my name and phone number, but I had forgotten that I had gave that to my friend I saw at the liquor store the previous week. And I never replaced that missing post-it note. And the thing is that I do not know my own telephone number. I have too many fucking passwords to remember and there is only so much that my mind can care to remember. During this encounter I did look for the post-it note in my wallet and then remembered I gave it away to my friend I had not seen in over two years last week. And obviously I could not write my phone number from memory so I could not give her my number. I know, I know, I am an idiot for not knowing my phone number.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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