Monday, October 20, 2008

The Beginning of 24 Hours of Boulder

Greetings Readers

“Extreme ways are back again
Extreme places I did not know...”

Extreme Ways

I was just recently introduced to this song, which was re-mixed by my one of my most favorite music artist these days – Tiesto. I loved the music of the song and the beat and the way the singer was singing the song, but what I failed to do was to really listen (pay attention) to were the lyrics.


Flash forward - When I was starting my second lap I decided that this was the song I was going to start listening to on my Ipod. When I actually listened to the first two sentences of the song I could not believe that fit the current situation I was in. That summed up the 24 Hours of Boulder, for me anyway.

Back to present - Julio drove me up to Boulder, since I asked and offered to buy him gas and a 12 pack of Corona about three weeks ago.

We arrived about 8:30 in the morning, with about 30 minutes to start time and 15 minutes to the mandatory meeting. I asked to him to wait just in case they would not take cash, or I could not sign up or whatever. We walked over to the registration tent and got into line. A sort of long line, but not that long.

Soon, I was filling out the very, very simple form and paying $ 120.00 bones for day of registration. And then the race director, Reid, asked for a team name from me.

I look towards to Julio “Julio. I need a team name.”

“I don’t know.” He responds.

“Hmmm. Okay.” I look at Reid “Red hook Tyrant”

I smile to myself and think yes that is perfect. The name of my blog site is, which means Team Red Hook Tyrant fits perfect as my Team name.

And that was that. I was registered for the 24 hours of Boulder.

Julio and I walked back to his vehicle and then I got dressed and prepped for the event. I asked Julio for a couple of pre-pictures of me before the event.

Oh Readers, while I was putting on my bib race number on my running shorts I was shaking or trembling in my fingers. Not from the cool morning, but nervousness. I was truly nervous and just thought to myself there is no turning back now – I have paid and registered, therefore I have to compete in the 24 hours of Boulder.

I look at Julio “Julio. I am shaking”

He looks at me “It’s all right. Once you get running you be okay.” I knew that, but I was trembling from pure nervousness.

I decided perhaps I better open a can of Coca-Cola and drink the entire can in one long drink. I did and I felt a bit better.

While I was getting prepared I got a goodie bag after registering and decided now was the time to look and see what was in the bag. I saw what every runner like me wants to see. A shirt. Oh yes Readers it’s all about the shirt. There were some pamphlets, some hammergel stuff and couple of other things.

“Julio. Thank you very much for the ride this morning. I really appreciate it.”

Then, I told Julio that this other bag I brought along contained his 12 pack. Julio smiled and said thank you. I, of course said, no thank you.

I took my backpack and headed over to the grassy area that held a lot of the runner’s tents. Yes - tents. Apparently, that was pretty smart thinking for some of the people that were running and thinking or knew to bring a tent for this event. All I had was my backpack – not even the sleeping bag I had at my humble abode. I decided to put my backpack nearby a tree that was nearby the runner’s tent / resting tent. I sort of wished that I had a tent since I then would have a place to call my area, but then again would I be needing the use of a tent? I do not know.

We walked over to the start line and then waited. Soon, the mandatory meeting started and Reid explains the course, what’s at the start line, what’s at the half way point, what’s going to be provided and are there any questions.

“Alright runners – two minutes to the start”

I was ready as I was ever going to be. I had my Southpark Jersey on, my U.S. Open Bandanna on, my running shorts and my Ipod in my hand. Note Readers, I wanted to hear everything before putting any earphones in my ears. I did not want to miss a word nor miss any directions on the course since I did not know the course. I had no fucking clue of the event route, except that it is an out and back route. No loop route this year.

I think this was due to night running on the dirt road that was going to be used. I think the road gets fairly busy at night, especially on a Saturday night and with me thinking Boulder, college kids, drinking, CU Boulder football game; there could be a good possibility of a drunk driver on the dirt road near the Boulder Reservoir.

I did mind, but I also did not mind since I did not want to run in the dark with a glow stick and the possibility of a drunk driver driving ahead or behind me and hitting me – A hit and run. I was glad to be running on the trails and would overlook the running on the out and back route, which in every runner’s mind is not the best thing – at all.

“Runners. Make sure you start running out towards the front gate on the road and then loop around to this area.”

I told Julio that was a weird way to start and he nodded in agreement.

Just prior to starting I could not help to think that today was the perfect day. A perfect day to run in the 24 hours of Boulder. It was pretty to see the hot air balloon rising in the morning prior to the start of the 24 Hours of boulder. After all, last year at this almost exact same time, I followed the weather forecast and saw that rain was predicted to start falling on Saturday and continue throughout the day until Sunday. A year ago, that was something that I did not want to do. I did not want to be miserable and wet for a 24-hour event. Rain in October can chill you to the bone and not to mention make the air so much colder.

So, a week prior to this year’s 24 hours of Boulder I watched and listened to the prediction of any fronts, the jet stream and any high / low pressures. I was really counting on the weather to make or break me on whether or not I would do this event. Actually, this was a done deal unless snow / sleet was forecast then I was going to say, “Fuck that.”

Needless to say, a high pressure was going to be stationary over Colorado and hold the jet stream from Colorado – whew. I was happy, but that also meant that I had to compete in the event. I did fucking used the weather (rain) excuse as an excuse not to compete in the event last year, so to use that excuse again was a “shit” thing to use again. In my view, I told everyone that if it did not rain I was going to run in the event. And when I say something like that I mean that. When I say something, most of the time; I will follow through – no bullshit.

The ten-second countdown starts

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six…”

I synchronized both of my watches – the G–Shock and Ironman watches

“Five, four, three, two….”

And for that one second I thought to myself – this is it. I have something to prove to myself. I also had something to make up for. I had to make sure that I give a nod to the biking gods. I had to be sure that this was an event and not a race. I had to be focused. I have 24 hours until the end of my destiny, or in my mind immortality.


And for one second more I have subconsciously yearned for a challenge, an event, such as this to further test my athletic abilities.


Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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