Friday, October 10, 2008

24 hours til 2008 Ironman Hawaii

Greetings Readers

The World Championship Ironman event takes place tomorrow in Hawaii under almost a full moon.

Kona. The Queen K. A dream that each year gets further and further away from me. I yearn. Yes Readers, Yearn. I want to run down the Queen K and become an Ironman finisher in Hawaii.

Each year I look forward to the Ironman Hawaii in October. I try to do the lottery each year, but only 50 people get chosen out of how many people enter for the lottery.

This is my only chance since I know that I will never, ever finish in the top spots to qualify for a place in the Hawaii Ironman. I am good; I know that, but not good enough to beat the pros that train year round for all Ironman events to get to the World Championship Ironman in Hawaii.

Well Readers, there is another way that I might be able to get into the Hawaii Ironman – a sob Story. Yes Readers, A Sob Story. I have no legs. I am over 80’s years old. I have ALS. I have cancer. I have a story to prove everyone wrong that I could not do the Ironman. And the sob stories go on.

Believe me Readers – I am there with most of them. I will shed a tear. Matter of fact – I have tears rolling down my face when I see them. I cry when they do not make the cut off time. I also cry when I seem them cross the finish line.

Yet, I have no sob story of my own to use. I could use the “race card”, but I am not sure that would even compete to the sob stories I see each year during the Ironman Hawaii. Well, my father did have cancer and is now recovering, but I think that is not enough for a sob story.

Readers, I am not looking for a sob story. I want an opportunity to compete in the Ironman Hawaii by a lottery since that is really the only opportunity I have.

I will watch the Ironman. I will be with each athlete. And most likely I will have tears going down my face for each and every athlete that crosses the finish line. And the ones that do not. It is the Ironman. An event unlike any other event on earth.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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