Friday, December 14, 2007

X-mas Party Re-call

Greetings Readers

I woke up this morning to foggy conditions. I turned on the radio and heard that the snowstorm that was predicted for Denver now has been cancelled, so to speak. I guess Denver was expected to get a lot of snow, but that did not, and has not, happened.

I have a picture of me at the bus stop. Once more - I have paid for Public Transportation. Three days in a row. No regrets... well now I am up $ 9.00 total for the past three days.

Flashback - The Christmas party at Invesco Field at Mile High was good. not great nor bad - just good.

I caught a ride from "Bobbie Rae" and her brother, "Bubba" to the party. And that was basically who I hung out with during the party. I did not socialize with my department. I did meet a lot of other people I only knew by name. Yes, most were important people, but others were the people that you knew of and that was all you wanted to know.

We got there and mingled for a bit, then grabbed some food. The mashed potatoes were good, I had some sort of meat. Well, I tried, but I could not cut nor chew the piece of meat that I got. I gave up pretty quick. I was in no mood to mess around with my dinner. Also, I did have some nice hors d'oeuvres.

After our meal we decided to take "the tour" of Invesco field. I guess I was pretty impressed. We visited the areas where the visitor's locker room is. We saw the "keg" room. Some of touched the wall that was part of the cheerleader's dressing room. Rumor is that the wall is "hot". We saw "Thunder's" stall. We saw the Mile High Club. We got to go into the second biggest private suite. Impressed, but not that impressive. Then, perhaps what I thought was pretty neat I got to step on the football field.

I asked our tour director, and she said we couldn't. But, then jokingly out loud I am not looking that way. So a few of did get to step and stand on the actual football field. I did have a picture with me on the field, but the picture did not come out. Not enough light so the picture came out blurry.

There was gambling, for fun. Dancing. and then at the end of the night there was a drawing for some gifts. And that was that.

I did not get to see the woman that I was looking for that I sort of have gotten to like were I work. I guess that is best, but dang I have been making the small talk and smiling everytime I see her.

Yes, I am glad I went and my mood was better since I did go with "Bobbie Rae" and the other people I got to talk to throughout the evening. A couple of drinks did help loosen my mood also. And I did go workout at the CAC prior to the party so I was relaxed and feeling good. Not to mention my body was "tight" looking in case I was going to get something-something. Hah hah. You never know and this time I was looking "boss" and "buffed" and looking good enough to melt some woman's eyes.

As I blogged after the Christmas party I got sick, I think. And I am not sure if it came from something I ate or what. Though I was back on my feet after that.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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