Monday, December 10, 2007

3 Weeks Left in the Year

Greetings Readers

Brand new day and a brand new week. I am sure glad that last week was over for me on Friday roughly at 6PM when I got off work. I felt finally done with what I could and rest.

This morning was very doable and not cold at all, well not cold for me, but it was a cold morning.

Let me catch up to the "Thanksgiving" story that happened to my friend.

My friend - Bobbie Rae, decided to cook a Turkey for Thanksgiving. She does not eat meat at all and well, I think, in order to make Thanksgiving - Thanksgiving she decided to make Turkey for her guests she was going to entertain on Thanksgiving Day.

Also, I heard that she bought a "free range" turkey, which is more expensive than the average Turkey.

Well, everything was going good for the cooking of the Turkey and what not. Bobbie Rae decided to add the final touch(es) to the Turkey. The instructions or what she heard was that the final process was to add some red wine to the Turkey. She did not have any red wine on hand so she used a red wine glaze (which, according to her, is only used for dessert dishes). She put on the glaze on the Turkey and put the Turkey back in the oven to finish off the cooking.

From what I remember she came back an hour or so later and the pulled the Turkey out. The oven was smoking. I guess when she pulled the Turkey out of the oven the smoke came out as well as a "black" looking turkey. Basically, the Turkey was burnt black.

Readers, I know this is not a laughing matter, but hearing this happen to a friend you know is a bit funny. Though, I was not laughing at her - I was sort of chuckling at what had happen to the Turkey.

Black. Yep, the Turkey was burnt black.

Sad. I was saying "Oh no." "Poor Bobbie Rae" then they had tried to eat the Turkey, but not the skin. Still good, but I think the taste of burnt Turkey was evident. Oh I forgot to mention, another friend of Bobbie Rae told me what happened before Bobbie Rae told me herself.

Fast forward to late evening. Bobbie Rae decided to put the Turkey outside so the wildlife could have them a Thanksgiving meal.

This is where I lost my laughter, I could not hold my laughter in.

A fox appeared in the back yard and apparently walked up/trotted to the Turkey, circled the Turkey (perhaps twice), sniffed the Turkey, then took off back into the woods. Yep. Took off. Not a single bite, so the story told to me.

A fox that did not want the Turkey? Hah hah! That's kind of an insult, but sort of sad. I felt bad for Bobbie Rae. Bobbie Rae did confirm though that in the morning the Turkey was gone from the backyard, someone or something dragged the Turkey into the woods. That was that.

It's too bad that the first Turkey she cooked got burnt - to a cinder - black. Oh well, she did learn from this, but she was more vocal at the cost of the Turkey as opposed to the Turkey coming out black. I guess I would be mad at spending more than usual on a Turkey - to see the Turkey burnt to a black crisp.

I have not brought up this incident nor can I joke about this to her. So sad. But readers, she has overcome her incident and I am happy to say that she is still walking around with her head high. Not to mention that ego - kidding. Only kidding.

Readers, I needed something to keep my mood in order so I had to re-collect (remember) this incident. Not to mention, I had blogged that I was going to tell you this story. Funny, but sad. Even when I heard the event from Bobbie Rae herself, I could not keep a straight face. I think I might of said "At least I did not come over to Thanksgiving dinner"

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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