Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Clear, Warm Sunday - Woo Hoo

Greetings Readers

Today's picture is of the Rocky Mountains, specifically Mount Evans is at the center of the picture. With all the past snow Colorado has gotten and with a clear day I decided to get a picture of the fresh, white snow that has covered Mount Evans. She is beautiful. The only time that I really get to see her in the winter is on the weekends and early mornings. I really never get to see at evening.

I saw the movie "I am Legend" and it was a good movie. Not great, nor not bad. Shorter than I thought it was going to be. I knew little about the movie and since I have not had any TV for the past month I am grateful not to stumble on commericals, the plot, and movie reviews.

The movie started out setting the plot, then the movie fast forward three years and then we get glimpses of the past through sleeping and unconsciousness. I liked how the setting was pretty good giving us movie watchers a view of what New York would look like.

The only point that did not make sense to me was the wildlife - Lions, Tigers and deer. I can understand the wildlife, but the wildlife actually surviving in New York with the main character and "the others" is kind of far fetched. The deer were computer animated and it sort showed. Like the deer running through the streets of New York. They were running on the asphalt and concrete with hoof and not one of them slipped or lost traction on the pavement. Hoofs and concrete are not a match.

But then let me get to the other point. The main guy is a scientist, but he is deer hunting while driving a car?! Get the fuck out of here. With him being a scientist you would think that he would know something about or pick up a book about hunting. Anyway, there are deer through out the movie and when I saw the deer that was when lost faith in watch I was watching and took me out of the focus with the main character.

Other than that - A good movie. Several quick "boo" scenes that made me jump a bit. "The others" we sort of interesting when we first saw them, but then as the movie progressed it was just so-so. Again, digital effects done to an overkill. Bob Marley's music was played here and there throughout the movie. The movie score was good. I would not my buying the sountrack.

Hopefully you readers sort of know the plot - last man in New York thing. Anyway, I know the scenes that show the main character talking to himself and to other inanimate things was probably made to make the movie watchers laugh, which it did. But not me. I put myself in his shoes and I would need "something" to talk to every now and then. Probably for sanity sakes. Then again, I could be wrong.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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