Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Snowman in Lonetree

Greetings Readers

The "Abdominal Snowman"

I guess that was what I looked like when my co-worker saw me stepping through the lobby doors yesterday morning. He was smiling and laughing on the way I looked. I, of course, was in a bit of a foul mood due to me being late, the excess snow that graced my entire body, my frozen toes and taking the Mountain bike in yesterday's snow fall. I was covered with some snow, had my snow riding outfit, Natalie Merchant hat, two bandanna's on and lugging my mountain bike through the lobby doors and basically that was visible was my eyes. Everything was covered up.

I did lighten up a bit when I did see him, but at that moment I had taken off one of my Thinsulates and had it in my mouth. He then started to ask questions and I answered him with the glove in my mouth. Woo wee. I was mumbling and ranted, but thank goodness I did have a glove in my mouth mumbling my conversation. Woo wee, he knew I was getting worked up and he could hear the cuss words the gloves was mumbling, which in turn, made his smile grow even bigger and laugh a bit more. Which in effect, made me "rant" even more. By the time the elevator doors closed I was smiling and shaking my head from the conversation/ rant I had just had. I immediately forgot the foul mood I had walked in the lobby doors and that made my bike ride in the morning all worth it.

When I took a shower in the downstairs restroom my toes actually burned when the hot water from the shower hit them. Yes, that was how cold my toes really were. Other than that - boy oh boy the hot shower was fucking awesome! Tis the little things in life that sometimes make my day.

When I left work after 6PM last night that was the true test. Let me say that I elected not to go to the CAC since I just knew that I will be getting a workout going home. And true to word it was. The top layer of the snow was frozen, underneath the snow was light and fluffy and then the last layer there was a thin sheet of ice. I was weaving and riding to keep upright. I am proud to say that I did not "kiss the earth" I had to stay seated on my seat because any time I got off the seat there was no weight on the back tire and I immediately spun out. Let me tell you readers I got my hams worked out to the max. the snow's depth was anywhere from 4 to 12 inches deep so keeping momentum and upright was a chore. YET - I wanted to go to the CAC - especially the dry sauna and whirlpool.

Ooh, I did have a pit stop - The Liquor Store! Damn straight. I grabbed a 12 pack of the winter seasonal "2 below" brew and I was once more off to finish my ride home. The extra incentive was to get home so I could drink one, yet the extra incentive was not to "kiss the earth" with 12 bottles of beer in my backpack. Let me say that there could have been a mess should I have had crashed.

And yes, I did make the journey home without crashing. My toes got cold once more and this time I was wearing my dress socks with tube socks over them and I still had frozen toes. My cheeks were red and cold. As well as my nose. Dang, I would say I looked good enough to kiss and make that kiss all that. Hah hah.

Well, today I took public transportation in and will most likely take home too. No bike since I knew the ride in today and tomorrow would be worse. Tomorrow, I should be able to get on the bike once more. Depending on how sunny and warm the day is.

On a side note - I went back an audited a few recent posts with some words that may have flagged some filtering programs. I do type my cuss words which usually do not present an issue, but the words I used, regarding some women's features caused some filtering programs to kick in. I am honest, but I also try not to use those words, but felt justified in using them, due to the subject matter. So, I have made the necessary changes on my behalf. I just want to state to you readers that I have no problem "typing" the word, but I want to make sure that my readers will not be stopped a filtering program should they be surfing the net at work.

And today's picture is of the new Official Teaser poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Though the pictures that they have released are not very promising of the "Old" Indiana Jones that I come to know as. Unfortunately, "Junior" is just not "Indiana" to me anymore.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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