Monday, December 03, 2007

Welcome To December, Last Call

Greetings Readers

Looking back on my past year at I have done a lot posting and opening up since finding this "blog" site and learning to blog, so to speak.

Am I better? I am not sure? Do I feel like I have wasted time? no. Did I let this Blogging run my life? No. I set a goal for the year and I think I kept pretty much to the goal that I wanted to set. Though. I probably provoked a few people, not to mention, that I have told you parts of my "everyday" life that I run into that just fucking puts me in the wrong mood. Or someone rubs me the wrong way. Who knows. Yet, the most important thing is that I have learn to myself. Blogging is sort of nice to let the world know what sort of shit that I have to put up with. Wait! Also, this tells people what sort of shit that people have to put up with me.

As you may have read throughout the past year I have put up with some amazing shit. Not to mention a few laughs on the way. Yet, there are some things that I have told you readers about. Some people I have directed to my blog and I deal with these people on almost an everyday basis so I have to be careful what I say and what I mean by that. Since my name is listed I can not talk about work since my name is not anonymous. Nor will I talk about people who are close to me or that I know or perhaps work on an everyday basis. That may be grounds for something else.

I am happy to say that I did a good amount of writing. Hopefully not too boring, and not to specific about a subject that I may have gone into detail a bit too much. Yet, the other thing that I was able to learn was that I had a lot to blog about. I do have some running story lines that started and would like to re-visit, should the opening arise. I think the "label" helped me with my subject and blogs. Though there are some labels that I want to correct and also add when the "labels" feature got added some time ago.

I have ventured out to the other blogs in the Internet world. Some are amusing, so are so teenagy, and then are just full of pictures. Some I can not even understand. My blog site is non-specific, but perhaps would like to have an ongoing blog line to report.

Changing subject - the weather has been good for the past couple of days - supposedly we got into the 60's and I heard that this may continue all through the week. The evening the clouds were all over the horizon and when the sun had set behind the Rocky Mountains the clouds were orange and red. It appeared that the horizon was on fire in the southwest corner of the world. I had my digital camera, but I had no battery power. Ugh! Never-the-less I enjoyed the warm evening a beautiful sunset that was going on at roughly 5:00 PM

I see that Pittsburgh won, Denver Lost this weekend. And in case you did not see/hear the Cowboys won last Thursday. Unfortunately, I did not get to see any of the games. No reception.

Oops - I forgot to mention that the picture today is the picture of Koko and my camero in the background. I did not realize how much of a beating the car took in the New Mexico climate in the past three years. It really does not look that bad, but a new paint job had already been planned for sometime now.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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