Thursday, December 13, 2007

A "Boo Hoo" Pro Cyclist's Statement

Greetings Readers

Two days straight that I have been off the bike (not riding). Granted, today I could have ridden (temperature this morning was about 31 degrees), but I have to say that the day before it was sort of nice getting on the bus and then onto Light Rail and then just a skip and a hop to work.

I was able to shower at home and get dressed at home. Opposed to doing that at the office facilities. I applied some cologne and sort of looked very "boss" the past two mornings.

Am I already spoiled? Hell no. I am a bit mad that I will be spending a total of $ 6.00 for Public transportation in the past two days. That is $ 6.00 which I had to give up for getting to work. Where as I normally do not pay a single cent for biking to work.

I guess that does get me a bit fired up at spending money that I did not have to. I know that is is six dollars, but that is six dollars. That's almost the cost of a cheap DVD, which I would have satisfaction every time I play that DVD. Whereas, I paid six dollars for a ride to and from work for one day.

That six dollars could almost buy a six pack of beer, that I drink. None of that "cheap" beer for me. I could have bought a 12 pack of Coca-Cola, maybe even two depending if there was a special going on that item.. I could of have had fast food, if I wanted to with that six dollars. I could of bought a gallon of sweet Tea at Chik-fil-let. And so on... you readers get the idea.

Now, onto the subject that I want to talk about. Michael Rasmussen. Woe is me. Get the fuck out of here!

“On the other side of the road, trucks kept passing us. It would have been easy to grab the steering wheel," he told the Dutch daily De Telegraaf in weekend editions. "Then this terrible nightmare would have been over."

Rasmussen cried while he was driven away from the race, he said. Later, sitting in a hotel room with Rabobank teammate Erik Dekker, Rasmussen said he again thought of taking his life.

"Five hours after I stood on the podium, I was sitting alone. My whole world had collapsed," Rasmussen said. "Luckily I couldn't find a rope in the room, otherwise I would not be here now."

You know this is just a crock of shit. He wants sympathy. As far as I know - And readers I am not following "Chicken legs" story - he still has not told us, the world, on why he actually lied on his where bouts and what was he doing during that time.

Yet, he gives a statement, which I only posted a few paragraphs telling that he could of killed himself, he cried his heart away, blah blah blah.

Perhaps if he was taking care of someone who was dying, perhaps he needed to get away from the pressures of life, anything. But not to say what he was doing in Europe as opposed to Mexico that's not enough to get my sympathy. Hell, today I might be saying different if he would of said "My dog died and I wanted to spread his ashes over the road of Italy where I train." Or something like that. Give us a good lie, as opposed not to saying anything.

I do, perhaps, did respect Mike for his climbing ability in the mountains prior to this year's Tour de France. But, in back of my head this was the guy that had a fucking meltdown two years ago that enabled Jan Ulrich to get a podium spot. Fuck yeah! I wanted Mike to do bad that last stage. I got more than I bargained for, when Mike crashed and crashed and crashed. I did feel bad for Mike, but Jan is and will be forever the bike rider I respect after Greg LeMond. Jan Ulrich "The Machine" "The Kiser" and all those other A.K.A's.

I do not know why Mike gave a statement about almost killing himself. He did this all to himself. He has not said why, as much as I know. He fucked up by getting caught and now he has to face what now has become of it. His former team fired him - thank goodness for some one's thinking. Sure his world crashed down, but I point out - He did this to himself. No one held a gun to his head (as far as we know) and told him to do. Mike got to this point in his career by himself. Since Mike did bring this up I hope he has gotten consuling or help. This may be a cry for help. Otherwise, we readers may hear of his death and and then perhaps a letter would be found saying he killed himself because no one would help him through this difficult time.

You never know readers. Killing yourself is never an option and would I or you be catholic - that would be a mortal sin. Which I bet his wife (Cariza), I presume is catholic (due to a Mexican National), would in turn would most likely make him catholic (due to "rules" regarding catholicism).

Note: I am presuming the religious part of my blog and can only come to that conclusion with what research I was able to find out.

Mr. Rasmussen better think before making statements like he just recently did.

If he did kill himself - the cycling world would move on without him. I do not think that he would of gotten a "special" funeral or a "Too bad a cyclist has passed away" special news report.

Michael may be following in the footsteps of Marco "Il Parata (the Pirate)" Pantani, which had a much better nickname than Michael "Chicken Legs" Rasmussen. And has anyone really brought up or even remember Pantani, besides me?

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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