Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another Crisp, Cold Morning

Greetings Readers

I have to say that this morning was a repeat of what yesterday was except that this time I did not have any pinto beans cooking. And hot. Nope, the beans were as cold as the air outside. I guess I could care less, but I did want to make the effort to cook something to eat.

So, about 8:30 AM I finally got the urge to get dress and brave the cold to get the Sunday Morning paper. Yes, that ritual of mine that begins almost every Sunday Morning. The blinds and drapes were closed so I did not have a clue what the weather was outside. I know that the weather was suppose to be cold, but other than that I do not have a clue.

Without TV you tend to lose what is happening in the world. Well, it does not become a concern. Technically, I have wiped some of the daily rituals away. No more turning on the TV to watch the morning news. I am not planning what I am going to watch at night or even the whole week.

Without TV reception it has been nice. Though, I am missing some favorite programs that I would like to see. And yes, I am going to have Cable really soon.

I digressed as usual. Outside more snow had fallen through the night and the world was white. I could feel the cold through the drapes and not to mention in my humble abode.

The roads did not look that bad so I decided to use the road bike once more. Well, I should have used the Mountain Bike. The roads were okay - doable. However, the sidewalks were packed with snow and not to mention the splash back from the vehicles and snow trucks driving the snow onto the sidewalk from the streets. Since the air is very cold, the snow is powdery and has not had the chance to melt into ice or to have the snow to become hard packed. So, I was able to ride about 90 percent of the way to the newspaper machine, but got "hung up" on a small hill and then spun out my rear wheel. That was that. I had to walk the bike to the next intersection before I could even try to mount the bike once more. There was no way that I was going to be able to start riding on the hill, going up.

I made it to the newspaper machine got my paper and well the ride was easier going home since I was going down hill, but still had to balance my bike going down the hill.

And that was that.

The temperature has not changed much from the morning. Currently 24 degrees at 3:51 PM. The snow has stopped falling, the sun is out shining and the sun's rays feel good against my black biking attire-warming my skin. The sun has melted some of the snow, but the cars have done most of the melting. I am not sure how tomorrow morning is going to be for me.

I got the third Ipod working and have been loading the ipod up from Tiesto's Club Life Podcast's pod casts. By the way, the Ipod color is White and a black & white screen (which suits me fine since I do not load video onto any of my Ipods.)

I guess I better tell you readers that I had to purchase the current issue of P***boy this past week (sorry readers, I have to type this way so in case someone has a filter on they will not be stopped by that word). Stephen King has written a short story - "Mute" and the only I could read this story - legally - was to buy the magazine. In addition, I was hoping for a woman that I wanted to see naked, but it was a woman Kim Kardashin (however you spell the last name) that I have no clue who she is. I know that in the past few months E! has a new show about the Kardasian's, but I have no interest in it. Of course I saw her layout! She was just okay - kind of young, big breasted and completely shaved. Most of the time when I see a completely shaved woman I am totally turned on, but this time it was just alright. Granted, this was not a personal viewing, but you would think that I might get somewhat excited. Nothing. Oh, the rest of the pictures were okay, but some were just "fuzzy" appearing, even though professionally shot. I can not tell you readers why the picture spread did not look right to me.

I have no real preference of how it looks down there, in case any of you readers want to know. But I like just a bit of hair down there, but all in all it really does not matter to me. Little triangle, little strip, closely shaved very nice. A bush is good, and completely shaved also nice. I do not descriminate - at least I hope not. If there is sex involved - believe me the way it may look downstairs, hair/no hair, is not going to make me change my mind - At All!

You see readers, I have once more digressed from the topic at hand. Stephen King's short story was good. I did like the short story and yet you still do not know all the answers in the story. I did like the story telling and the way the story within was told. Not horror, but just a typical non-horror Stephen King story.

Alright readers, I have taken more of your time that perhaps that you wanted to spend reading my blog, but I hope that I have entertained once more.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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