Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Home Stretch

Greetings Readers

I may have mentioned this, but then again I am not sure if I got specific about what I want to mention.

There is time in the morning that I love. The coming of Dawn. There is that small amount of time, a window of opportunity, to see a gorgeous sunrise.

The time was earlier this week when I was going to work early and I happen to catch the "orange glow" that marked the rising sun over the horizon. Yet, I just did not see coming, but I saw it being reflected off the mirrored windows on a couple of business buildings that are located in the DTC (Denver Tech Center) Area. Wow. I did not have my digital camera that morning, but had I then I would be sharing the picture with you.

Though, this event happened twice this past week.

Saturday Morning I decided to grill some ribs. Well, actually truth be told I had decided on Friday that I was going to have ribs for breakfast. I got up at 5 AM or so and got the grill going with charcoal. There I am - in one my white T-shirts, underwear and my Natalie Merchant stocking cap on the patio. I wanted ribs and I did not want oven cooked ribs. I wanted a excellent breakfast and I desired something good that morning that came straight off the grill.

As I waiting for the coals to get burning and going, I saw the morning come. What was nice about this cold, cold morning was that the clouds in the south were sort of "stretched" out as opposed to "normal" fluffy clouds. When Dawn was approaching on the horizon the clouds were turned orange by the sun approaching the Rocky Mountain Area. The southern sky looked like a blanket of orange fire and uniform, in a sense.

After the sunrise came and went I guess I did not realize how far south the Sun is in the sky. I do not know why I did not really notice until that morning. Yet, the other thing that I was reminded of was that we are getting so close to the shortest day of the year and from that point on the days will start getting longer. As my blog post states - The Home Stretch.

In closing, I guess I have not really mind that the days are short and I have been riding home in the dark these days. Yet, I think that the thing that makes me unaware is that I have been going to the CAC after work. Working out is something that I actually look forward to.

The CAC is so above 24hr fitness in quality and expense. AND - it was worth every penny I spent on the membership.

The past week has been cold, but just seeing the sunrise this past week has kept me warm. Not to mention the Dry Sauna and whirlpool at the CAC.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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