Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another Thanksgiving Arrives

Greetings Readers

Happy Thanksgiving.

Well, since I am going to be alone this Thanksgiving I will be doing the annual tradition that I do for myself when I am alone.

What could that be? Hmmm.

Okay, you twisted my arm. Enough!

When I am in town and unable to get away to go home I do the annual tradition. I go see a movie, then go to the Black Eye Pea and then drink a few when I get home. Then go cry in the closet. Kidding! I do not go cry in the closet. Matter of fact I have no room to go into the closet.

Anyway, this tradition of mine started a long time ago and I do this regularly. Yes readers, I get offers to come over to friend's house to have Thanksgiving with them, but in my view I can not simply go to their home for Thanksgiving. Whether it is friends or friends and family - I do not want to be there and feel uncomfortable thinking about the other people at the table.

I am sure that it is more than okay to go over, but I just will not. Thanksgiving is the time to be around a table with family. Friends... perhaps, but again not in my view. I do not see that as wrong. I just do not think that it is right. My friends have reassured me that I would not be intruding and they would hate to see me being alone on Thanksgiving.

So, I usually go see a movie in the morning, then head over to the Black Eye Pea in the afternoon and then head home. That's that. Nothing wrong with that. There is my TV, video games, computer, and books so I have nothing to complain about nor not to do anything at all.

Do I miss not going over to some one's home for Thanksgiving? No. Not at all. And no - it is not because I do not have to cook.

Today's picture on my blog post for today is me going to work this morning after the snow fell earlier this morning. Even now the snow is fluttering throughout the morning. Anyway, I saw the background and the ambiance of the picture I had in mind and stopped to get this shot on my digital Camera. I loved how the morning sun was being cast in the clouds and how the shot was going to look. I also thought that me against the background would be a good shot. Well, I do have to say that this shot came out better than I thought it would. I am in silhouette so you can not see me except as a dark, unknown rider standing tall before/after the storm.

But wait readers! There is more to this picture. About 20 yards before this picture is where I road off the road since I almost fell down on my bike. I was coming down on my road and this morning was very cold. So all the snow and ice on the road was being "grabbed" by my skinny tires and getting caught in the brakes. Well, I got more speed than I wanted on the downhill and decided to apply some braking. The brakes were frozen and me and the bike were going faster and faster. I freaked a bit since there is bend in road and I will need to turn. But rule number one - DO NOT TURN AND BRAKE. I tried braking with a bit more muscle and then then brakes got UN-frozen and grab some of the rim. All of a sudden the front tire went askew and I felt me and the bike were going to go horizontal. Basically, I was going to become one with Mother Earth. With my experience, Oh yes I am sticking to that story, I was able to counteract the tipping and re-position my tire in a straight line. Yet, in all this time another 10 yards rolled by and I needed to turn right then, otherwise I was going to go off the road and possibly into a small creek.

Oh the horror in what happens in seconds. I was still going straight, well my straight in order not to fall down, and I decided right then since I can not turn I better brake and come to a stop. I once more applied the front brakes and immediately the front tire turn askew once more and I was in the position to meet Mother Earth and I did not want to that - at all! Again, I was able to correct and then I was off the pavement and into the side of the road.

There I was bumping and holding onto my handlebars thinking what the fuck was going to happen to me this wonderful morning. Was I going to go down on the ground where the ground was bumpy and rocks? Was I going to overshoot the ground and simply go into the creek? Or was the moment that I was going to hope for - was I going to be able to upright?

Truth be told I was able to get one foot down and use that to come to a stop with 3 feet to go before I go over the little cliff into the icy creek. I stayed upright, but this was too close of a moment where I was going to quote my little friend "F'd in the A". Oh, I grabbed both brakes handles and squeezed those brakes like I was squeezing juice out of lemon! I heard the brakes trying to grab the rim, but grabbing the ice on the rims since it was a cold morning the friction on the rim was icing up immediately after being melted by my brakes.

I took a deep breath - looked at the Icy creek stream in front of me, looked at the ground below me, then turned and looked at the hill. Boy oh boy. You could see my bike tire trails on the road and I could see the tire turns on the hill where I almost when horizontal twice and then I could see the tires leaving the road. Hah hah. I actually laughed out loud and could see if any other runners or bikers see my bike trail I made they are going to laugh their ass off and see how close I came to crashing and going into the creek. Then, they are going to see my footprints and tires going back onto the road and then me going back onto my journey.

I basically misjudged the hill and that could be since I have not been on the bike for almost 10 days. Could be I forgot how to brake with snow and ice? I just do not know. Yet, I am thankful that I did not go into the creek or crashed.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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